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iPhone SE Review Apple's Most Powerful 4-inch SmartphoneMashable

This is the iPhone SE.
On the outside it looks just like the iPhone 5S. It has the same size screen, the same
chamfered edges and the same button placement. It costs $400, and it comes in our favorite
shade of pink, AKA rose gold. It's on the inside where the iPhone SE really

Apple has taken the same A9 processor from
the iPhone 6S and put it inside the iPhone SE. That means everything is super fast, super smooth. Apple says the processor is twice as fast as the iPhone 5S, and has graphics that are
three times better. In our benchmarks, the iPhone SE performs
identically to the iPhone 6S.

Apple has improved the WiFi and LTE bands
on the iPhone SE, so your connection should be strong and fast.
The iPhone SE has Touch ID and supports Apple Pay, and always-on Siri.
Simply say "Hey Siri," and she's at your disposal. The iPhone SE doesn't just have the same processor
as the iPhone 6S, it has the same rear camera too. The same excellent 12-megapixel sensor
is on the iPhone SE. This means you can take incredible photos
while out and about.

It also takes 4K video.
Unfortunately the front-facing FaceTime camera is not the same as the iPhone 6S.
It has the 1.2-Megapixel sensor from the iPhone 5S. But all hope isn't lost – Apple did include
Retina Flash, so your selfies will be better illuminated. But the best part of the iPhone SE is the price. The 16GB version is just $400 and the 64GB.

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Version is $500.
This is the most powerful 4-inch phone Apple has ever made and it comes at a great price.
So who's this for? This phone is for people who love the size of the iPhone 5S, but want
the fastest processor and best camera they can get. It's also a great option for anyone
who wants an iPhone, but doesn't want to pay more than $600 for the latest tech.
You can get your hands on this little guy on March 31st – it's available in space grey,
silver, gold and rose gold..

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