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Lets meet the all new iphone 7 today this apple's latest phone I intend to discuss the new features of iphone compared to previous varient the box shows the image of phone ,which of exact same size as original phone and its even embossed a bit. The logo shows the colour of phone its black,that means phone too is black see the specifications and box contents I have already opened the box,lets what else inside it has apple sticker,and instead of a booklet ,this time its all in card form this is the sim ejector tool the card has beautiful layout ,with green coloured highlights for showing features and buttons it also describes about 3d touch then,it has usb cable inside the box,the new lightning ear pods ,extra adapter for 3.5 Mm headsets sound quality with adapter is good the charger is cute and tiny in form due to poor lighting ,i am not able to focus,sorry what are the new features? Lets see now we have the all new black colour this is matte black finish it has good textured feel to it other black color is jet black,its very slippery and finger print magnet.Also highly scratch prone,even apple's site insist users to have a case with jet black. There is no 3.5Mm  headphone jack the only connector is the lightning connector left side you get volume rocker and mute switch top side no switches right side you get the power button meet the new home button its not a button, its a capacitative  strip with 3 level of configurable vibration feed back with embedded fingerprint scanner people in cold areas,who need to wear gloves will find it inconvenient since its not a physical button,with gloves on ,you wont able to open your phone. Anyway,I liked the new home button it comes loaded with latest iOS 10 new widgets looks good and is useful another highlight is 3d touch,i tap opens the app or takes to the edit mode ,if touch lasts a little long on more forceful touch you get a quick short cut menu for the app In message app we can get  a preview on 3d touching,its very handy Only iPhone has 3d touch capabilities,upcoming android phones (especially few chinese brands ) might have it,but apple has perfected it.

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Another important feature is the new 12 mp camera now comes with optical image stabilization even in low light you can take good pictures.. Earlier only plus model has optical image stabilization! Front camera is 7 mp the all new quad led true tone flash with 4 flash modules inbuilt,its really powerful,gives natural skin tone to pictures you can use it as flash light another highlight,its the first time apple is releasing a water and splash resistant iphone rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529. Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone; refer to the user guide for cleaning and drying instructions.

Liquid damage is not covered under warranty. Another highlight;more brighter display with better colour gamut Retina HD display is able to deliver cinemastandard colours  and the best colour management in the smartphone industry. More shades of the colour spectrum can be used to create an image, meaning that what you see on the screen is a truer representation of the world. All new A10 fusion chip is 2x faster iphone 7 has 2gb ram and 7plus has,3 gb ram all new stereo speakers are loud and clear For the first time, iPhone comes with stereo speakers, delivering twice the audio output of iPhone 6s and increased dynamic range.

So whether youre listening to music, watching videos or making speakerphone calls, iPhone 7 lets you crank it up. Way, way up.(From apple.Com) one speaker at bottom and other at top ,good sound seperation i try it out due to copyright issues I will be playing ring tones.. I have been using this phone for the past couple of days ,I haven't experienced any issues so far. Features I miss from my previous android phone,that is HTC10 are 1,customization options and 2,fast charging I had problem with fast charging twice,so I don't regret losing it! Fast charging is prone to issues…

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Main highlight of apple software is that,its very stable ,you will rarely come across hanging issues of android!.

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