Gadget Review – iPhone 7 Review One Month Later!

iPhone 7 Review - One Month Later!

Hey, how's it going guys? This is Dave2D. So, I've been using the iPhone 7 for about a month now, and some of the original opinions I had about the phone, kind of shifted over time. But one of them was the size. Like I really wanted to use the 7 plus because had a better camera, had a bigger battery, but I couldn't make it work.

A little bit too big for my hands. I do want to share some other thoughts with you, though. Everything is fast on the iPhone 7, from the fingerprint sensor, to general usage, to launching the camera, everything just feels really snappy But true multitasking still doesn't exist, and that's probably my biggest bottleneck, like, if I'm in an email app and I'm trying to reference another application and going back and forth between the email app and the other app; that process sucks. It's just super slow.

The iPhone 7s have a really good camera, but most of my shots are taken in well-lit environments. And truthfully, unless you zoom in and pixel peep, the well-lit photos don't look that different from the iPhone 6s or even the iPhone 6. Now, the low-light capabilities are noticeably improved, you can get some surprisingly good shots at night. The video stabilization is really nice.

On previous generation phones you needed the bigger plus model to get OIS, but they pack that into the smaller phone now, and that's actually my favorite camera upgrade on the iPhone 7. Comparatively, this screen is low resolution at 720p. I know that it's low res, my brain is well attuned to the fact that this is probably the lowest resolution phone that I will use in 2016, but it still looks really good, so I don't mind the resolution. The iPhone 7 screens also have a wider color gamut, they can display more of the colors.

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So if the source picture, or the video you're looking at, has the extra color data in the file, it will look more color accurate. Now, the photo is taken on the iPhone 7 can showcase this extended color range, but most of the time I'm staring at emails or basically other screens of text on a white background and, almost all the content I consume, hasn't adopted this water color gamut yet, so the screen is great, it just doesn't have the contents to really flex how cool it looks. The solid state home button, I disliked it at first, I mean it felt weird, and it doesn't have a particularly satisfying click, but now I legitimately prefer. I use setting 3 and it still feels different from a regular button, but I like the reliability and if the rumors are true and they plan on replacing the home button with a taptic on-screen button for the next iPhone, I'd welcome that change.

I didn't think I'd care that much about the headphone jack removal. It's kind of a bummer, but I felt like there were enough alternatives, like the wireless headphones and the dongle that you kind of get by. But the one thing that really sucks for me is charging it at night. I often fall asleep with headphones on and I'll end up having to charge it before work the next morning.

And it doesn't support like the super fast quick charge, so, yeah, I don't love that. Battery life is still short, Apple claimed it would last a couple hours longer. But I can't last a full day of heavy use, basically, if you put in a lot of screen time on your phone, you're gonna have to charge up in the evening when you get home. Now granted this is with the iPhone 7.

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The iPhone 7 Plus obviously lasts much longer. Water resistance is cool. It's nothing really new for flagship phones, but the iPhone 7 sounds the best amongst that group. It's actually one of very few phones that has two speakers and is also water-resistant.

They sound good on their own, but I also connect it wirelessly when I'm doing dishes. And I never have to worry about the phone getting wet. I would actually go as far as to say that this combination of the upgraded speakers and the water resistance are my favorite features of the phone. But I'm curious for the people that have been using the iPhone for a while.

What's your favorite features been? Let me know down in the comments. So, overall, I really liked the iPhone 7 a lot more than I thought I would, considering how the upgrades seemed kind of incremental on paper, but in real world use, they're actually quite welcome. As for whether or not it's going to be the phone that I'll use for the rest of 2016, it really depends on how good the Google Pixel is. I'm going to be using that for about a month, before I do my video on it, but it's going to be one of the two.

Either the iPhone 7 or the Pixel, because I'm all about that stock OS experience. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs if you liked it. Subs if you loved it.

It's been nice. I'll see you guys next time..

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