Gadget Review – iPhone 7 Plus Review & Water Test

iPhone 7 Plus Review & Water Test

This is the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple's brand new,
large iPhone. The 3.5 Mm jack is, in fact, gone, replaced
by just a single lightning port. But don't freak out, it ships with lightning
port EarPods, alright? And if that's not enough for you, it also
ships with this dongle. So the Touch ID home button has been replaced
by a button that doesn't move.

Underneath here is the Taptic Engine which
will make your finger believe it is in fact pressing down the button, when that's not
really happening, but it feels just like it is. On the back, is the brand new wide-angle camera,
next to — and this is unique to the iPhone 7 Plus — the 2x telephoto optical lens. Every phone will appear with a little 1x over
the top. You touch that, and it instantly switches
cameras, and now you're looking through the 2x zoom.

It will also let you zoom everywhere between
1 and 2x, and all the way up to 10x, but I. Wouldn't do that, because at 10x — which
is digital zoom — photos look terrible. Don't use it. Stay at a lower zoom, you'll be happier.

Inside the iPhone 7 Plus is the new A10 Fusion
processor, which is super fast, super powerful and also energy efficient. Apple replaced the front-facing selfie, or FaceTime
camera, with a 7 megapixel camera, which also includes auto-image stabilization. These aren't cheap phones. The iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769, but the
good news is it now starts at 32GB of storage and then jumps to 128, with the high end of 256GB..

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