Gadget Review – iPhone 6s Plus Review!

iPhone 6s Plus Review!

Hey guys this is Austin and today Im here
with my review of the iPhone 6s Plus. Put the new iPhone 6s Plus side by side with the
6 Plus and not much has changed. Its a tiny bit thicker which is no big deal but
it is noticeably heavier. This is mostly due to the new 3D Touch display but Apple also
switched to 7000 series aluminum this generation thanks to Bendgate.

UnboxTherapy put the 6s
to the test and surprise surprise, it holds up much better than the 6 Plus. Another change
is the addition of a new Rose Gold color which joins the same Space Gray, Silver and Gold
options from the last gen along with a shiny new S badge which is the best way to tell
the new model apart. It is a little bit heavier I think, thats the only noticeable difference
when I pick up the phone and hold it in the hand so its a little bit of a heavier phone,
especially because I use the 6s Plus. Otherwise its a pretty simple, understated, clean,
familiar design.

Its a nice design but beside phones like the Galaxy Note 5 its
not too impressive, it does have a nice feel in the hand with a seamless curve but that
also makes it a little slippery. I dropped my 6 Plus a few times and if anything the
extra heft makes the 6s Plus even easier to get away from you. With a 5.5 Inch 1080p screen
the Plus dwarfs the normal 6s. If youre willing to give up some one handability youre
getting a nice screen, it cant match the terrific AMOLED display on the Note 5 but
its got nice color, great viewing angles and plenty of resolution.

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One of the big new
features of the 6s is the addition of 3D Touch. I was a little bit on the gimmick train with
3D Touch at first but the more I use it the more I find myself liking it especially when
you get into apps like Instagram or Safari, just being able to preview a link or profile
is something that I found really useful. Unlike a normal long press this allows you to use
varying levels of force to pull up different options. This is useful in a few places, 3D
Touch the side of the screen and youll open the multitasking and by 3D Touching the
keyboard youll pull up a cursor.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner has also seen improvements.
Its now so fast that its hard to get to your lock screen but I guess I can live
with such a horrible problem. IOS 9 is largely the same as on other iPhones but it runs noticeably
faster here which leads me to one of the best features of the 6s: performance. On paper
the Apple A9 looks fairly tame with a dual core 1.8 Gigahertz processor paired with two
gigs of DDR4 memory but this is one seriously fast phone. I went in-depth in a video recently
which you guys can check out but the 6s is approaching laptops when it comes to performance,
you should have no problem playing any game out there for the foreseeable future.

wise its what you would expect, its snappy, its quick, it handles whatever
you throw at it. All this power means the 6s Plus does gets a bit warm under gaming
though, nothing too crazy but its noticeable next to a phone like the Note 5. In real use
youll notice the speed but the biggest difference is the extra memory. Older iPhones
had to reload apps all the time where the 6s does a far better job of keeping things
in memory.

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Where Apple didnt improve is with storage, the base iPhone still comes
with 16 gigs which just isnt enough. Its almost like the base model purely exists to
get people to spend the extra $100 to upgrade to 64 gigabytes. At least it is fast storage
though, Anandtech dug into the hardware and found the 6s is using whats essentially
a full SSD like in the 12 inch MacBook. One of the biggest improvements are the new cameras.
The rear shooter has been bumped up to twelve megapixels and while its not a huge leap
its still a rock solid performer.

Theres extra resolution which is helpful for cropping
and the color remains nice and natural, Apples camera app doesnt give as much manual control
as a lot of Android cameras but its quick and reliably takes solid shots. The ten frames
per second burst is still here which is great for capturing action and it has a smart timelapse
mode that can make for some very cool shots. The 6s Plus has optical image stabilization
which is helpful for low light but where it really makes a difference is in video. I mean
its almost revolutionary in terms of what they were able to do, I mean footage almost
looks like its on a Steadycam like it looks really great.

Alright so 4K in my opinion
on an iPhone has been a long time coming. This entire video has been shot on a 6s and
as you can see it holds up really nicely, with a mix of digital and optical stabilization
the footage looks nice especially as its now capable of 4K. Youve also got solid
slow motion options, you can shoot at 120 frames per second or even 240 FPS if you dont
mind bumping the resolution down to 720p. The new front facing camera has also been
bumped up majorly in quality, it now has five megapixels.

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Paired with Apples new Live
Photos which records a bit of video before and after you snap a picture its a solid
upgrade. Its a far better looking camera than the last generation and it can use the screen
as a surprisingly usable flash. One of the biggest advantages of the 6s Plus over the
normal 6s is battery life. Theres just no comparison, where I struggle to get through
a full day of heavy use with the 6s the Plus hasnt let me down yet.

Even with using
navigation and shooting 4K video the 6s Plus holds up really well on the battery front.
While its not a massive upgrade the Plus improves on a lot of the smaller issues with
the last generation. It might be pricey but the iPhone 6s Plus has definitely earned its
spot as my new daily driver. Did you just kiss your camera?.

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