Gadget Review – iPhone 5 REVEALED


Siri, will you be my girlfriend? No SHUT UP!! The iPhone 4S was basically the best thing in the history of the world. People were always saying "This phone is so amazing! There's no way they can make it better!" So I took that as a personal challenge, and travelled into the afterlife where I could create the best iPhone ever. Introducing the iPhone 5. The new iPhone 5 tackles the previous problem of autocorrect typing.

It now asks you if you're sure you meant to type each word. "Do your homework, Billy" Siri: Are you sure you meant to type 'do', or did you mean to type 'so'? 'Do' Siri: Are you sure? Yes! Siri: Okay, next word, did you mean to type 'your' or did you mean to type 'beaver'? People complained about how bulky the power cord was. So we engineered the smallest power cord ever. (Struggled muttering) The iPhone 5's vibrate mode has been vastly improved.

I used to miss calls all the time when my phone was in my purse. And it's highest setting, it registers a 1.5 On the riptor scale Can you call me right back? Thanks Many people have the requesting dual LED flash for brighter photo and video. Well we took it a step further and we covered the entire back with LEDs allowing you to get brighter photos wherever you are. Take a picture of me, daddy! It's my birthday! AUUGHHAUGH!! I personally think dual LEDs would have been plenty, but Steve insisted we put–AUUUAGH!!!! Say goodbye to amateur looking iPhone videos.

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With the old iPhone, you could record vertically which looked wrong. (Cheerful laughter) It's my birthday! I think I just ate a candle, daddy. Now when you try to record vertically, it's not as pleasant. (Muffled) This is the best birthday ever daddy! (Pained screaming) Remembering to do things is even easier with the iPhone 5.

Siri will now overhear your conversation, and will give you important reminders at the appropriate time. Siri: You have one new reminder, don't forget to… Message Playback: I really should tell my cheating horrible wife to stop making Mexican food! Gah! My ass burns! With the  iPhone 5, Siri is even more human-like than ever. She'll even tell you racist jokes just like all your friends.

Hey yo Siri. Tell me a joke. Siri: What's the difference between a black man and a pizza? Hey yo that's f—ed up! To really give Siri a soul, we're giving you the option to change her voice to the most soulful voice in the world. Siri: Hi yall.

I'm Morgan Freeman. Hi, Morgan Freeman! So there you have it, the iPhone 5 is here to change the world. Buy it now. OR I'LL *BEEP* YOUR *BEEP* AND I'LL *BEEP*  YOUR *BEEP*!! The iPhone 5.

Starting at $100 for the 1GB version and 800$ for 8GB with a 10 year contract. I don't really know why we bother telling you the price, 'cause you idiots are going to pay for it anyway. Hah! To see bloopers and alternate scenes, click the link in the description below. (Screaming) Thanks for subscribing, bitches!  .

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