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We've seen many clones from little-known Android
phone makers and others from the likes of Huawei and ASUS. Rumours suggest LG and OnePlus might be next. Now it appears one of the manufacturers thought
to be avoiding the trend is about to cave. Evan Blass believes a mid-range handset the
HTC U12 Life will have a notch display.

This is the first time anyone has brought
up the U12 Life, a successor to the U11 Life that debuted near the end of 2017. No pictures are available yet; therefore,
we can only imagine what the U12 Life could look like. But it's safe to assume a display with 18:9
aspect ratio and now a notch are likely. It's also important that Blass didn't say
a notch for the U12 Life is definitely happening.

He uses the word apparently, hinting that
HTC either didn't pull the trigger just yet or another source is needed to verify the
info. But good thing is that, the HTC U12+ which
is gonna be the sole flagship for HTC in 2018 is still expected to have the regular minimal
bezels. But I won't be surprised though if that one
comes with the notch too. Anyways, the U12+ is expected to be priced
comparably to the S9 which costs about $720 in the United States.

The company is also apparently making moves
to ensure that its new flagship will launch globally on a tight schedule. The launch probably won't come down to the
same day around the globe, but it won't be too far apart between regions after the device's
launch in early May. So that being said, let me know your thoughts
on HTC jumping on the notch bandwagon in the comments below and I'll see you'll tomorrow…Peace

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