Gadget Review – HTC PRO S711 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

HTC PRO S711 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Welcome back to computertv,
I'm Sam, and today I'm gonna tell you
about this HTC S711. This is an unlocked GSM Smart Phone,
ladies and gentlemen. And, look. It is not clunky
at all, which is what I like.

And, all this, and you have
Windows Mobile 6 on here. So, this is perfect.
You can get all your work done, on the go,
wherever you're going. You have your Word, you have your Excel.
You have your PowerPoint, even. You have Internet Explorer,
so you have time to surf the web.

You can do a lot
with this little phone. It has a 2.0 Megapixel Camera,
and Video Camera. Bluetooth, and wait, let me show you.
Best part yet. You have a QWERTY Keyboard.

For all of your 'text-ers',
this is a phenomenal little feature on here. Now, this also has Bluetooth 2.0,
Wifi, which is neat. You got 802.11 B/g Wireless. Text Messaging, Multimedia Messaging,
E-mail, IM, Voice Recorder, MP3 Player.

I mean,
this baby's got the goods. And it's really small.
And let me just tell you something. I used to have a Phone kinda like this,
with the slide out Keyboard, and it was my favorite Phone.
I had it for 3 years. I didn't want to get rid of it.

And. I mean, everyone wants a Smart Phone.
This is a great great Smart Phone I have for you,
here. OK, So let's take a look
around this thing. Up top, you'll see you have your
Power On and Off switch.

On the side, you have a dedicated button
for your Camera. Alright, look at that side.
Very sleek. Not too thick at all. On the back, you'll see your
2.0 Megapixel Camera and Video Camera.

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And you even have this mirror,
right here, for all of us people who wanna check
ourselves out before taking the shot. You can make sure
your hair is in place. OK. So, on the back, I mean,
underneath the Phone, you'll see, right here, you have your
USB Port to charge and to hook up to a PC.

On the other side, you have a
dedicated button for your Voice Dialing, and you have your
Volume Controls, on the side. And I like this stainless steel plate finish,
and it's two tones. So you have this Black Matte look,
and this stainless steel look. It's very cool looking.
It's very futuristic.

I like it.
I'm a big big fan of this Smart Phone. OK. So, when you Power On,
you'll see this is your Home Screen. And, it's kinda like a mini computer.
You have your Start button, right here.

let's get into the Start. So, once you're in the Start Menu,
you'll see all your Icons to navigate around the Phone,
and get to all the cool features, like your Camera, your Messaging,
your Internet Explorer, your Calendar, your Alarm Clock.
It's all right here. Right now, I'm in Messaging and this is your
Text Messages, your Multimedia Messages, and you can set up an E-mail account
and you can have Microsoft Outlook on here, which is a nice little feature. OK.

Let's hit the back button,
and go back. And, this is a,
let's go around this Menu here. Call History, Internet Explorer.
You guys know Internet Explorer, come on. Calendar, Contacts.
Your Camera.

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And if you go into Camera,
you'll see, Oh, let's check this puppy out.
OK. There I am. You can see me on the Camera.
This is also a Video Camera. This is cool.
With a Zoom.

Hi. And it also has a Timer on here,
which is pretty nifty. OK. So, let's get out of here.
Let's go back.

And, here we go.
And we'll scroll on down. Pictures and Video.
So you can load some Pictures, on here, as well as
take your own. And, here's one I took earlier. Oh my God,
I look so goofy with these headphones on.

You guys have to see it. Totally goofy,
not attractive Picture. OK,
let's get out of here. So, it also comes preloaded
with some Pictures, and you can set these to be certain peoples
caller IDs, so that's always fun.

OK. So, if you hit on the More button,
you'll see even more features. Active Sync. This is really great.
This is how you hook up to your PC.

You make sure that all of your contacts
and your documents are safe and sound, if anything happens
to your Cell Phone. You have Messenger on here.
It's for IM. You have a couple games.
I don't think too many. Bubble Breaker,
and Solitaire.

Alright, so if you're sitting somewhere, and
you're bored, you have some games to play. Alright, so let's go back.
And, you have your Adobe Reader. Audio Manager for your MP3s,
Calculator, Bluetooth. So as you can see,
JAVA on here.

OK. On the side, you'll see right here,
this is your microSD slot, so you can have some extra storage on here
for your Photos and Videos. And, let me just tell you guys.
This is a Quad-band Phone, and it also runs on the 3G,
and the GPRS Networks. And, so that basically means,
it's gonna work here in America, it's gonna work in Europe, and, oh,
let me show you the back too, right here.

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Let's take it out, and you'll see
you have your battery pack in back. And you're probably wondering
where to put the SIM Card? Now, the SIM Card,
which you can get from any service provider, once you have your Phone flipped open,
you just open this slot right here, and this is where
your SIM Card goes. Alright,
so this is it. This is the HTC S711
Unlocked GSM Cell Phone.

Definitely check this out,
and we'll see ya next time. For more information on the
HTC S711 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone, just visit any of these
major retailers, and type in H224-1014TC
into the search box. For computertv,
I'm Sam.  (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc.

All Rights Reserved
Channel: TigerDirectBlog.

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