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HTC One (english subtitles)

Hi. This is ONE SHOT VIDEO about HTC One. At the Mobile World Congress I had HTC One in my hands only for few mintes under horrible light.  Today I use HTC One already for two hours, so I want to share my positive feelings with you.

Light colour looks fine, dark version is more elegant. Super LCD display is as good readable as HTC One X (One X+) and really better than Super AMOLED on Samsung Galaxy S III. Above display you can find small LED and wideangle front camera best quality and with HDR option.  On upper side is on/off button, which is alsou IrDA point and 3,5 mm audio jack.

Because it's HTC, microUSB is upside down. On the right side there is volume regulation you can not easy find with fingers.  Slot for microSIM is in the left side. There is no slot for memory card, battery you can't change.

According to my information on slovak market we will see only 32 GB version, not the 64 GB HTC One. New graphic enviroment looks nice, but I didn't understand this new Sony Timescape on HTC. I can't add RSS feeds or something like this. Thankfully there is normal widget known from older models HTC.

New "widget" with time and weather is displayer also in application menu. It looks like home creen and I can't decide, if it is good or not. New graphic is nice, applications you can sort by name or chronologicaly, you can alsou hide any application. In rollbar there are no shortcuts, only notifications and link to settings.

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In menu with few kinds of lock screen I found one speciality. On the lock screen you can see last messages, calls and calendar appointments (or e-mails, but no from gmail application). The highlight the evening is: NO LOCK SCREEN!  Under the display there are only two buttons. At first I was worried about this, but it's ok.

Double-click on home button shows last used application. Two buttons are sufficient, but at least one hardware button under display would be better. Camera takes only 4 Mpix images. And when I compared images from HTC One, One X+ and Samsung Galaxy S III with highest resolution, I saw worse quality of images from HTC One.

HDR works fine, better than One X+. There is no option to customize left bar with shortcuts.  On full HD display looked images from HTC One really good, but when you compared pictures taken at good light conditions with all competitors, it will be problem. I don't know why HTC took this way.

On the other side, data size of 4 Mpix images is generally 0,9 – 1,5 MB only. Zoe animations are completely new view of the matter. When you switch camera to Zoe mode, it takes series of twenty 4 Mpix images and also 3-sec FUll HD video. One Zoe = around 30 MB per one image / animation.

For 30 Zoes you need around 1 GB of memory! Check out the amazing possibilities in editing pictures / series / 3-sec movies.  For example you can delete walking people from picture.  HTC One can change face on one picture from other picture that series.  From 10 zoes it automaticly mades one movie compilation with colour effect and pre-set music.

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HTC One is phone for people, who like editing pictures, making funny things with the phone or camera. There are huge possibilities, which need your time and you must have a willingness to play with the phone and explore it. Camera in HTC One is good for people, ho doesn't look for the best camera ever, but they want fast camera app with great possibilities and pictures around 1,0 – 1,5 MB. It is one od the best mobile phones ever and I thing, that only one problem you can find in camera, that isn't the best from the best.

But I promis, that normal people will not have problem with its 4 Mpix resolution. Trust me. The price will be around 650 euros. .

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