Gadget Review – HTC One max Create fun multimedia projects with HTC Scribble

HTC One max - Create fun multimedia projects with HTC Scribble

Change how you create fun and personal little projects. With HTC Scribble, create dynamic results
filled with Zoe photos, stickers, text, and audio recordings. Start by opening Scribble and choosing a template. When working in Scribble, you can also use
the HTC Pen or another stylus pen.

Enter a title and then use these tools to
create your work. Tap this to use the onscreen keyboard to type. To record an audio clip, tap here. To add HTC Zoe photos or other images from
your Gallery, use the menu.

To take a photo, tap here. After taking the shot, use one of the available
outlines or draw one to crop the photo. Then, reposition the photo by pressing and
holding it, and then dragging it to a new position. You can also resize it by dragging the nodes.

To add stickers, tap here. To sketch or draw, use the drawing tool. When using the drawing tool, scroll up or
down your work by using the scroll bar. Or use this if you want something handwritten.

Keep in mind that when you write words, these
are treated as one object so you can't delete letters. After you're done, tap the back arrow to save it. And if you want, you can share your creation with friends. With HTC Scribble, you have an all-in-one
tool to create fun and personalized invitations, diaries, and more..

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