Gadget Review – How To Limit The Maximum Volume On LG TV

How To Limit The Maximum Volume On LG TV

Okay now I'm going to show you how to
limit the volume on your TV to any figure you want maybe you want it 15 that's the
maximum it will go after this method it doesn't matter whatever level you choose
maybe it's 37 63 whatever but the maximum this TV can go is a hundred. But if you don't want any disturbances in your home I'll teach you how to limit the maximum volume of in a TV. All you need is a remote and this
tutorial now you go to the Settings button this here press and hold it for five
seconds until you see a white box notification box. Notice that this is the
normal notification box but I don't want this part I only want that part so I'll
hold and press the Settings button until I see that part.

Yeah after that you to press 1105 then enter it will give you the hotel mode set up just enter at Hotel
mode setup and you enable the hotel mode when goes to volume you enable it say
yes it's here maximum volume maybe I can set it to maybe let me set it to 43 and
see what happens there's no need for changing the minimum volume it can just
yes zero but if you want to mess up with someone you can do it too that's 43 just
press ok and then exit so let's try my method. You see no matter how much press
it will never go beyond 43. To disable it you just go through the same process and
disable Hotel mode. Press and hold the Settings button .

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Press 1105
okay when it comes to hotel mode you disable it So now the volume will be normal again. Thanks for

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