Gadget Review – Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Replacement and Screen Repair. Disassemble and fix.

Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Replacement and Screen Repair. Disassemble and fix.Gadget Review – Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Replacement and Screen Repair. Disassemble and fix.

All right, today I’m going to show you how
to take apart the Galaxy Tab 3. This is the 7 inch version. First you’re going to take
your non-marking pry tool and kind of pry between the edge of the screen and the plastic
around the outside. The whole process will take about a minute.

There’s a bunch of little
clasps that you’re trying to separate as you go around the edge. I’m not going to speed
it up so you can see exactly what I’m doing as I go around the outside. Every single part
for this phone, or this tablet, I’m going to link in the video description, so you can,
if you ever plan on replacing any of the headphone jacks or speakers or screens, you can find
all the parts listed below pretty easily. Anyway, so I’m just finishing with the last
couple clasps right now, and you can see the screen will separate from the body right about

And you just kind of pull the back off. And then you see these four screws. And these
screws hold the battery into the tablet. They’re a Phillips head, so once you get those screws
out take your little pry tool and kind of lift up on the connector down below.

Be really
careful with this and don’t pull away from the motherboard because I’ve seen that connector
come loose before. So be very gentle in pulling the battery out. The battery has a little
plastic frame around it so when you’re buying a replacement it probably won’t come with
that frame. Just take off those little stickers and then you’ll be able to reapply the frame
to the new battery.

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Here’s all the screws for the motherboard. All Phillips head and
all the same size so you don’t need to worry about where the screws actually go so get
rid of those. And here’s the ribbon cable connectors. Just pop them up and off, they’re
kind of LEGOs.

They’ll clasp on and off. Just pry each one of those up, that’s the headphone
jack and those are the buttons along the side. And then the motherboard comes up and away
from the tablet. Here is the headphone jack.

There’s two screws holding that in so if your
headphone jack is fuzzy or if it stopped working, or if there’s something stuck down inside
of it or you just want to replace it just take those two screws out and this is all
that it is. Once again the parts are listed in the video description below. Here is the
3-megapixel rear camera. Tiny little guy.

And then these are the speakers that are going
along the bottom of the phone. They’re dual speakers. And conveniently these little ribbon
cables are very fragile. But Samsung left a little groove underneath each one of them.
You can see me taking my tweezers right here and kind of finding that groove and you can
use like a pin or a needle or anything else just slip it under there.

You can see the
double-sided sticky tape right there. So you have to be really careful not to damage those
ribbon cables. And then the speakers just come up and away from the device. This one
has a little clasp along the right-hand side.

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So it’s a little bit harder to pull away.
Now, I found this part to be pretty interesting. There’s a plastic bracket up along the top
that you can just kind of pull away from the top of the tablet and it holds in the camera,
the front camera, and the LED, for the flash or the light sensor. And you can see right
next to the camera and the LED that there is a slot for a speaker. So it makes me think
that when Samsung was designing this they had, an option was to make it as a phone instead
of a tablet.

So I found that pretty interesting. The frame has a built-in speaker spot. Anyway,
clip the black plastic piece down into place. And that’ll hold the front camera and LED.
And now this is the screen.

This is the whole screen right here. I’m not going to show you
how to separate the glass and the LED mostly because that takes forever and the success
rate is very low but if you have a heat gun and kind of a pry tool, a separator, you can
probably get the two apart. I recommend just replacing the whole thing as a unit. That
has a much higher success rate.

Anyway you just saw me replace the headphone jack and
the rear camera, just putting those back into place. I’m also snapping the bottom speakers
into place. Making sure the ribbon cables are in their, the spots that they were designed
for so they’ll reconnect again with the motherboard. Getting the one screw in for that speaker
on the left side.

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Now, the motherboard. Make sure all the ribbon cables are, you know,
above the motherboard when you put it in, so you can clasp them down into place. And
then here’s the screw layout, once again all 7 screws. Grab the battery with the plastic

Get it into place. Then you have those four screws around the outside as well.
And then clip the battery connector back in just kind of like a LEGO. And then run your
hand around and make sure all of the little connectors are pressed down and snapped into
place so you don’t have to worry about that later, you don’t have to pry the screen up
out of the frame again. You’ll hear a series of satisfying clicks as you press the screen
back into the frame and that is it.

If you have any questions make sure to leave them
in the comments below. Don’t forget to like if this video helped you and don’t forget
to subscribe. I put up videos pretty often so, be fun to see you around. Any parts and
stuff are listed in the video description below.

And hit me up on Twitter as well at
@zacksjerryrig. Thanks for watching..

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