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Galaxy Note 8

Hello, this is Mickeyworks. After pilot new Note cellphone for several days, I must say it's really remarkable. I'd briefly comment on it, and it's totally from my own using experience and feelings lately.   Now let's start talking about it.

   (Mickeyworks) (Samsung GALAXY NOTE 8
users experience) (Samsung GALAXY NOTE 8
users experience)   I have to say, Samsung product had failed last year. It may make a comeback this time.   Upon that, a whole new Samsung was designed.   Its screen looks so cool! It's not small The front face is equipped with a 6.3 Inch Super Amoled.

Honestly, it looks awesome and easy to use. It's a little big. Compared with my S8 plus, Note 8 is longer, not only from the top to the bottom, but also a little bit wider. Note 8 is almost like a lager S8 plus.

S8 plus is so long as I see it.     Let's view note8' s appearance. There are sensor, iris recognition, camera and receiver on product front. It's neat, only a on the top.

There's an expansion slot inside, where you can place a Micro USB card or a SIM card. And on the right side is a microphone. The right side is very simple as usual on which there's only a power button. Like the other serials of Notes, The bottom are equipped with a 3.5Mm earphone, USB Type C and a speaker     The only difference is the pen slot.
Exactly, a pen's hidden here.

     While you pull out the pen, a hotkey is spotted telling that you can create some notes or a screenshot. I suppose it would be helpful for the businessmen. On the left is a volume key and an odd Bixby Press it! A smart center pops up, which looks like a smart aide. It has a flash, double camerals and a finger scanner on its back.

I've been thinking the design of the finger scanner is not that proper from the S8. Because it's too long, even in my hand. I must hold it in this way. It's quite uncomfortable.

Samsung has indeed 'improved' it!This one's dimensions are bigger than S8. Now let's talk about the function.
It's equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor or Samsung eight core processor. It works very quickly, for it's probably there are not many softwares inside. Overall, it's good.

Let's make a comparison. I'm going to open a game software named Sugar Legend. Watch the start speed. Not slowly.

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Then let's see the competitors, left S8+, right Note8. Now clear all assignments, and check their speeds of game loading. Note that their conditions of internet and software must be the same. Three, two, one, click The colours of the screens are a bit different.

Meantime, Note8 completed the loading ahead of S8+. While it's not an unexpected result, Note8 has a unique RAM of 2GB after all. It's faster to play this 3D game as I expected. But there's not much difference.

Well, let's see another game loading. This game is called 'Cut Rope'. Note 8 finished loading ahead. It presents advantages of bigger memory in multi-assignments.

Faster than before Go next.Dynasty Warriors. It's hard to believe, now on your cell phone, You Can Play 'ynasty Warriors'. I played it on computer before and it was stuck all the time. Note8 won again.

The Last combat. One of my favorrate games, Plants vs. Zombies 2. Look at the loading speed! Wow, it's really fast.

Note8 defeats S8+ for its large RAM in the software start-up and running speed. Does it won comprehensively? No Let's take a look at some of its device parameters. For example, it says the battery can standby 41 hours. There's a performance optimization pattern as well.

You can change it if you want to play the game. ROM 64GB is too small to store things. It's not really enough cos its system takes up too much space This SD card is basically standard. It has a system of Android 7.1.1.

Honestly, it's a little conservative.Of course, new versions will be released. Software is not a problem.So don't worry. Of course, Samsung Gear VR is one of its essential peripheral. It can be played with a remote control meanwhile supporting wireless charging and rapid charging.

Fully charging usually takes over 2 hours, and don't worry. It is said that the waterproof property is very good. Took a glass of water and put my phone in it. It really took more than 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes later, it'still not damaged. I wonder whether I could touch the screen with my finger. Unblieveble, I can use it and write in water. Of course, to some degree, the future of this function will play a role for some of you.

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This is the only way to use a cell phone in water so far. The other day, after Bixby supported the voice function I've been using it for a while. It's a bit complicated. When setting, you need to read a lot of sentences.

If your English is not good, I'm afraid it may not suit you. Luckily I'm capable of reading English.After countless settings and countless listening to the sound, Finally, you have to say 'Hi, Bixby' before you complete the setup. Perhaps because of the early stages of Bixby development, lots of your voices are needed. What can it do, like help me open up a program, and help me do something.

Etc.       To be honest, it's not very good at this stage. When the Samsung Note8 is on the release, their boss says the phone's camera is absolutely awesome. The 1200MP rear camera can take photos of 4032*3024 Video size is of course my favorite UHD 4K.

The function is good However, I think these functions are secondary. High-quality photographic effect is more important. Then we'll go outside and take photos. I look forward to seeing this  mobile phone's camera ability.

Begin Now what you hear is the sound recorded in the shooting process. I'm pretty close to the camera. You can see the stones under my feet. My feeling is that for the shooting, Note8 has a fairly good function.You can take a picture while the making a video.

I think that's pretty cool. You can't miss great moments. What we see now is the sharpness of the front-facing camera. The front-facing camera can also shoot 2K HD mode.

I'm using a  pan-and-tilt now, So you don't feel it's wobbly. Now let's look at its anti-shaking ability. It's the pan-and-tilt that I used to shoot.Just move it aside. Walk normally, let's see the anti-shake performance.

Because the phone is big. To be honest, it's not easily to hold it. So it's not for tiny hands. Then run a little bit.

Though normally no one is shooting during a trot. The focus speed is really fast. Extremely fast. To the distance Nearby , to the distance Nearby The focus speed is alway very fast.

Then I touch the screen and select different diagonal points. Like now on the left, and then on the right. Left, right. And you can see that the focus is really fast.

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   I really have to say that this Samsung new product in video component and imaging quality is terrific. The switching speed is quite fast. Maybe it's the best cell phone camera of Samsung. Of course, Samsung doesn't miss out the popular selfie model for girls.

Many people like using these lovely expressions. So everyone will find it interesting. Samsung Note8 really impresses me on image formation. In addition, I like this design, the camera doesn't protrude at all.

Feel free to put it on the table without a condom. Moreover, the surface bending is acceptable, so personally I feel it's great to hold. Better than S8. After all, I'm just offering some experiences about using the Note8's a few days.

I'm not sure if it fits me or you. All in all,from appearance to performance It's the best mobile phone of Samgsung so far in 2017 from a functional perspective. Especially the magic pen, it can give the artists some extra creativity. Like me, yeah, it's good and simple.

I'm probably asked if I want to buy the phone. My assessment is that this is the best cell phone ever made in 2017. But my suggestion is If you really need a pen in your daily life to record something on a smart phone. That's perfect for you.

It should be the greatest in cell phone of this kind market, at least in 2017. But if you don't care that and just want to use it as a normal cell phone. I think you can wait.After all, the phone is a little big. It's even longer than the iphone 7 plus and iphone 8 plus.

It's hard to catch it with my hand. How do you think? In addition to dimension, it takes too long to process the fingerprint recognition, which reduces the using satisfaction. Indeed, there are not too many shortcomings to say. That's all.

What do you think? Welcome suggestions and comments. Remember to focus on my video and social platforms. All right, See you next time..

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