Gadget Review – Galaxy Note 8 Drop Test

Galaxy Note 8 Drop Test from 1000 FEET!!EXTREME DROP TESTin 4K!

– Three, two, one. Let's go. (Upbeat funky music) What's up guys,
Christian here. And today we have
the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

This right here, guys, is
Samsung's best phone up to date. And today, we're gonna test it. We're gonna test the true
durability of this phone. But we're gonna do something
a little bit extreme.

We do cool stuff
on this channel, guys. So we're gonna do
something amazing. We're gonna go outside,
we're going to hook this phone to a drone. Then we're gonna take it all
the way up to an extreme height of 1000 feet and then, we're gonna
let it drop.

Will it explode,
will it crack, will it break,
what's gonna happen? I'm so excited to find out
what happens to this phone because if you compare it
to the Note 7, the Note 7 did amazing,
check out the video here. I'm gonna put it here,
so you can see it. Go check it out. But anyways, let's go outside
and let's drop this phone.

Let's roll.  I know my limits  You can break me down but  I'll stay till the finish line  And I've been counting minutes  For quite some time now  Just to see you again Let's go. (Drone buzzes) Alright guys, here we have
the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ready to go up,
all the way to 1000 feet. Let's go! (Suspenseful music) (drone blades whir) (suspenseful music) Alright guys, here we go.

Five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one, let's go. (Upbeat music) Yeah, put the gear down. (Phone thuds) (laughs) It landed here.

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And, once again,
I think we have a survivor. The Galaxy Note 8
screen is intact. It looks intact. (Laughs)
The phone is alive.

Check this out guys.
(Triumphant music) Everything works,
let's see the back. – Whoa.
– Damn! – [Christian] The back,
really shattered. But the phone is amazing,
how well this phone took the hit. We're gonna get it cleaned
and then we're gonna see the final results.

(Upbeat music) Alright guys, here you have it,
the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This is after the drop,
as you can see here, the back is fully shattered. The back part of this phone
is made out of glass and that's gonna make it
very fragile. So, if you drop it, be careful,
because the back might break.

Now, you can see here that the
camera has a big hole in there. Surprisingly,
the camera still works and the front part of this phone
is pretty much intact. And everything else seems
to work perfectly. So, if you drop this phone
from a normal height, you don't have to be worried
because it's very, very strong.

And after all, we give the
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and extreme durability
test score of 9.0.
(Dings) By the way, guys, we are giving
away a brand new iPhone 8 because we just hit
700,000 subscribers. So, this is like a small
thank you for you guys. Check out the description
of this video to see how you can enter the giveaway. Thank you for watching
and I'll see on the next one.

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Take care. (Upbeat funky music).

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