Gadget Review – Galaxy Note 7 – Durability video

Galaxy Note 7 - Durability video

In front of me I have the long awaited Samsung
Note 7. Samsung decided to straight up skip the the
Note 6, to catch its Note Series of phones up to S7 and S7 Edge line up. Its good to keep things organized, and now
they all have similar names! I test cell phone durability, so you know
what to expect before you spend almost 1000 dollars on a pocket computer. Most phones survive my durability tests, but
ive also had a few catastrophic failures that I stick on my 'Shelf of Shame'.

I'm an Android guy, and I carry around the
Galaxy S7 Edge as my daily driver. So Ive been looking forward to the Note 7
for awhile now, And I am VERY interested in its new more shatter resistant Gorilla Glass
5 screen. I have a set of picks that tell me how hard,
or scratch-able, the front glass is on Mohs Scale of Hardness. Most of the 30 smart phones I have tested
so far on my YouTube channel don't scratch until a level 6.

I usually take it to a level 7 just for kicks
and giggles… But on this phone, I was around the level 5 pick and I noticed something different. And after holding the phone up, You can see
that this phone starts scratching at a level 3. While this Gorilla Glass 5 might be more Shatter
resistant than the Gorilla Glass 4, it is only one step above plastic on the hardness

If you do not have a screen protector on your
Note 7, you will start seeing scratches on your screen VERY soon after your purchase. Remember, im not here to degrade Gorilla Glass,
or the Note 7. I'm here to help the consumer protect their
devices for the long term. If you know what to look out for, you can
protect against it.

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And this phone simply is not as scratch resistant
as its predecessors like the Note 5 or Galaxy S7 or even the iPhone. I tried wiping off the scratch marks. But even the level 3 mark is permanent. Just for reference, I took the level 5 pick
that didn't scratch the Galaxy S7 Edge and held them side by side.

Remember… The Note 7 is going to be more shatter resistant. And this is awesome. Just get a tempered glass screen protector
and you can have the best of both worlds.

Scratch resistance AND shatter resistance. So, lets move on. The front camera, and iris scanner are both
under the same front glass, so they are still better protected than the HTC M9's front plastic
camera lens. I scratched the home button to check the durability
of the fingerprint scanner.

Most cell phone fingerprint scanners will
still function after being heavily scratched. The LGG5 kept working, The Nexus 5x , The
Axon 7, even the Moto z kept working. But after heavily scratching the Note 7 scanner
it spazzes out and never functions again… So…

Try to keep your scanner scratch free. The home button functionality is fine. Only the scanner portion is out of commission. To correct this in the future, Samsung should
use a glass button like the OnePlus 3 or on the iPhones.

The sides of the phone are made of pure metal. Which is good. It definitely has the premium metal feel to
it. Even the buttons are made of metal and will
definitely last longer than if they were made of plastic.

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Premium materials are always a good thing. The 12 megapixel rear camera lens is made
of glass. Not many smartphones have a plastic camera
lens… But sometimes manufactures will try and slip one through.

Like with the Blackbery Priv. Plastic can be optically clear, BUT glass
will hold up better against scratches and general wear and tear longer. Professional cameras use glass for a reason. The single colored LED flash is under plastic,
but that protective layer isn't quite as important.

The S-pen pops out easy enough. Its light weight and you can see that the
shaft is made of plastic, and the top portion is plastic as well, covered in a plastic chrome. The button is made of metal though. So that is interesting.

Before we burn the phone and bend it, I did
a quick test with my level five pick on the back glass, and it scratched there as well. Onto the burn test. The Note 7 has a quad HD Super Amoled display. And like the Galaxy S7, it does burn.

This phone lasted 8 seconds before the pixels
started turning white. It pales in comparison to the Moto Z's 50
second perseverance… But lets be honest. Flame isn't going to be a normal people have
an issue with.

Its just an interesting comparison. One thing that is awesomely impressive with
Samsung and their Galaxy Series. Is how strong the phone is. When it comes to bending, this Galaxy Note
7 is a tank.

Even when I flex the phone from front and
rear there are no kinks or permanent damage anywhere even with its large size. While I definitely don't recommend or endorse
sitting on your phone… This one can probably handle it. You can check out my Shelf of Shame playlist
for the few phones that couldn't.

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In summary… I'm pretty impressed with Samsung. The've done a lot of things right with this
phone. The major complaint I have, is with the scratch
resistance of the screen.

While its nice to have the extra confidence
that comes with the 'shatter resistance'… Its unfortunate that we have to lose 3 levels
of hardness when compared to Gorilla Glass 4. But even a simple cheap screen protector will
take care of that. If you haven't subscribed yet, it is completely
free, and you'll be notified when I upload my future teardowns and durability tests.

I review tech from the inside. Bonus points for following my behind the scenes
stuff on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for watching. I'll see you around..

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