Gadget Review – Energizer iPhone 4 Extended Battery Review

Energizer iPhone 4 Extended Battery Review

Hi This is Jong with accessorygeeks.Com And today well be looking at the  Energizer extended battery case for the iPhone 4.   Now Energizer is a well known battery brands.  So it's no surprise that they decided to go with the case with the extended battery built in. Here you have the battery here.And you have a silicone lining with the dock connector at the bottom  And a micro USB port with this included USB cable to charge this battery case.

 So Im gonna demonstrate with this iPhone 4 here.  Case goes in real easy, and already you can tell that its charging right now. And if you wanted to check the battery status, theres this button in the corner.  And I like the fact that right here you cant see any sort of marking for battery meter…

But once you press the button you see this LED light up, right now we have two circles so.. I just took this out of the packaging so primly it's charging.   But we have a wide open port for the camera and the flash.  You have the main switch here and touch through volume button and the power button.

And its not too thick, as you can see just as little bit a bulk, a little bit a weight But you get extended battery life with your iPhone 4 Which is nice when youre watching all those youtube videos or using the data connection.  There you have it. Right now this is going for $ 44.99 In accessorygeeks.Com. And remember you got it from a geek.

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