Gadget Review – BlackBerry Z10 Review!

BlackBerry Z10 Review!

Hey guys this is Austin and today Im here
with a review of the BlackBerry Z10. Now BlackBerry has pretty
much started from scratch here, not only is this a brand new phone but
its also a brand new operating system so is it any good? To start
with let's take a look at the design. The Z10 is quite similar in size
to the iPhone 5 which while much smaller than most Android phones is a
nice size for a lot of people. The front looks a bit awkward with
large bezels on top and bottom of the screen however it's a good looking
phone and the backing is made out of a very nice feeling
soft touch textured finish.

It's also removable, giving you access to the battery
along with the SIM. Card and MicroSD card slots. While it's mostly
made of plastic the Z10 feels solid and well built in the hand with
the volume rocker and mute button placed on the right side and the lock
button and headphone jack up top. The 4.2" Screen also looks fantastic
with incredibly sharp detail although it is lacking a bit in brightness.
Specs are also decent with a 1.5GHz dual core processor and 2GB
of RAM along with 16GB.

Of storage. It's definitely not going to be
winning any style awards but I. Ended up quite liking the simple, understated
design of the phone. Now youre getting a look at what the video
looks like from the front facing camera on the Z10 as well as what the
audio sounds like in video mode.

So this also has another camera
its an 8 megapixel shooter around back and while the pictures
arent really anything all that special they are decent and they do match
up pretty well with other high end smartphones on the market right
now. The video is also good, nothing spectacular but overall its
got a good crispness, clarity, motion, all that kind of fun stuff. Where
things get interesting is when you start the phone up. Gone is the old BlackBerry
OS, replaced by BlackBerry 10 which is a massive change.

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interface takes some getting used to but it's fairly well laid
out, you have your most recent apps listed on the main screen, the rest of
your apps over on the other pages and the BlackBerry Hub behind a swipe
from the left. These are your notifications along with email and texts
rolled into one. It's an interesting idea that allows you to get to
your important stuff quickly however it can get cluttered if you've got
a lot of emails, tweets, etc. Instead of having a home button BB 10 relies
on gestures to get around which is actually a very natural way
of doing it.

Swipe up from the bottom to close an app and a swipe from
the top will pull up a quick settings menu or specific app settings
depending on where you are. You can also unlock the phone quickly
by swiping all the way up even when the screen is off which is something
I really loved. That's not to say it's perfect however. As with any
brand new OS there are glitches and rough edges around.

The phone
rebooted randomly a couple times and the browser locked up occasionally
needing a force close. Most of the OS relies on a swipe from
the left gesture to go back however sometimes you have to use a button
which just doesn't make sense to the user. Nothing ever amounted
to a dealbreaker and I'm willing to bet most things will be sorted
soon but overall it does leave an impression of being not quite fully
baked. On the other hand sometimes BB10 absolutely nails it.

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The browser
is easily among the best on any platform with snappy loading times,
quick scrolling and even Flash built-in. It's definitely nice
to see this…Although I should warn you that viewing Flash content drains
the battery laughably fast. The keyboard is also excellent, the autocomplete
is very smart and you can even flick words up if it predicts
correctly for you. Most of the default apps are solid including the surprisingly
great Story Maker which will take your images and video and
create a custom video for you that's actually very nicely done.

app support is probably the biggest problem here. There are
quite a few apps in BlackBerry World but most are just plain bad.
There's also a lot missing such as Skype, Netflix, Instagram
and Spotify just to name a few. As it's a brand new ecosystem I'm sure
more apps will be coming but right now the selection is really limiting.
You can sideload some Android apps but they're not really a good
solution. The battery life is also seriously lacking, with moderate use
it would just make it through a normal day for me but if this were my main
phone I would always keep a spare battery on me.

The BlackBerry
Z10 is a surprisingly good phone. A lot of what it does it does very
well and while the hardware isnt anything all that special it does
get the job done. Unfortunately where it runs into issues is with the BlackBerry
10 operating system. Put simply there are a lot of rough edges
here and for the most part the app support is just very, very disappointing.
While the Z10 is definitely an interesting phone unfortunately
theres just not a whole lot here that would make me want to recommend
it over something running iOS or Android.

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Im curious to know,
what do you guys think? Is this something that you would ever switch
to or do you think its just not quite fully baked yet, definitely be sure
to let me know what you think in the comments below. If youre interested
in more feel free to check out my last video where I got a hands
on of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. If you enjoyed definitely
be sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if youre interested
in more videos like this be sure to subscribe. Anyway guys I will catch
you next time!.

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