Gadget Review – Blackberry Z10 Lookback The Last Pure Blackberry Phone We Know

Blackberry Z10 Lookback- The Last Pure Blackberry Phone We Know Of...

Blackberry has been well known since 2008
from its popular Curve Series but then after that iPhones had taken over and it was kind
of the end for Blackberry being the most popular smartphone manufacturer in those days. Blackberry was still determined to get popular
in 2013 as well so they decided to take a risk by making a full on smartphone with a
touchscreen, so they came up with the Blackberry Z10. This phone has definitely been out for a long
time, it is now 4 years old and today i'm going to look back on the Z10 which is one
of the last phones that blackberry has made before they made Android Devices. Looking at the Z10, depending on what colour
you choose it is wrapped all the way around the device, on the front, on the bezels and
all over the back.

If you have the white variant which I have
here, you will definitely see where the phone is if you have lost it. On the front of the device you are greeted
with a 4.2 Inch screen which I'm going to talk about later but at the bottom of the
screen you will see the famous Blackberry logo which shows that you are using a Blackberry
device. You will also see the earpiece on the top
of the screen. Moving on over to the sides you will see two

One is for charging the battery and the other
one is used to show your phone's screen over to a TV screen. Its almost like miracast but using wires. Now you may be wondering why the ports are
on the left hand side of the phone and not on the bottom like most phones. It's because there is a big mono speaker to
compensate for this.

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On the other side of the device you will see
your volume buttons to change the volume and in the middle of the two volume buttons you
will see another button that's seperate. When you hold down on the button the blackberry
assistant will open and believe me the assistant is not the best when compared to the Google
Assistant or Siri. It can only do basic tasks and the assistant
can't even pronounce what you are saying sometimes, this is probably one of the worst assistants
I've used on a phone. On the top of the device you will see your
3.5Mm headphone jack, your microphone and your oddly placed power button which I have
no clue why Blackberry had to do place it there, however to compensate for that Blackberry
has included a gesture to wake up the screen but not to put the phone on standby.

But with its 4.2 Inch screen it would be a
nightmare to turn it off if the screen was any bigger. The software on the Z10 is called Blackberry
10. The software now is unsupported which means
that their won't be any updates to the software which is a real shame and also with all of
the other phones out there that do have the Google Playstore or Apple Store, with this
phone it's using Blackberry World as its Appstore which is pretty much dead as their
isnt much apps or games to choose from like clash of clans which is not on the Blackberry
World. For multitasking and doing the basic tasks,
the software is quick to respond and it's lightweight to the CPU.

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As an extra feature on the phone you also
get the famous notification light from the blackberry curve series, just look at those
multicolours. For the performance, the phone is running
with the snapdragon s4 plus which is an old chip made by Qualcomm. The chip is a dual core which means that their
is only 2 cores in the chip which was outdated in 2017. The GPU is an Adreno 225.

It is also packed with 2GB of RAM which is
a bonus considering the phone only has 2 cores. The screen is a 4.2 Inch screen with a screen
resolution of 768 by 1280 pixels, it also has 355 Pixels per Inch. The screen isn't a full on HD Panel but for
2013 it's acceptable. Its 1800mAh battery isn't the best by today's
standards but the good thing is that the battery is user replaceable and as a bonus you can
expand the memory up to 64GB.

The z10 also has Near Fielding Communication
so you can easily connect the z10 to a bluetooth speaker if the speaker has NFC as well. It also has an 8mp Camera at the back and
a 2mp camera at the front so dont consider doing Selfies with the Z10 as your photographs
wont look great. The back camera handles light perfectly and
the images do come out great. For low light the camera does suffer especially
with motion.

The phone can also record at 1080p for the
back camera while the front can record at 720p. So, is the Blackberry Z10 Worth it? Probably not, but if youre a big Blackberry
fan and you want all of the Blackberry Devices then I would recommend it for that but if
you are a casual user then I would recommend getting something else as the Z10 isn't worth
it in 2017 as the Software and the Apps aren't supported. If you just want a secondary phone then I
would recommend getting it for that. I know this is a Lookback video but some people
might want to know if this phone is worth it.

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But thats it guys, that's my Look Back
on the Blackberry Z10. If you have owned the Z10 please comment your
own thoughts down below on your experience on the Z10 but apart from that be sure to
like and share this video as it would really help a lot but I will see you guys in next
week's video and um yeah goodbye..

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