Gadget Review – BlackBerry Q10 Throwback Bold Enough to be Different

BlackBerry Q10 Throwback Bold Enough to be Different

Hey there, Alex here. The BlackBerry brand will always have a special
place in my heart. Most people probably dont know this, but
this interest in mobile technology that I. Have, actually started when I got my first
BlackBerry, the Bold 9000.

It was a phone that placed communication and
efficiency above all else, and at that point in my life, it was all I needed from a smartphone. Even though I have not used a BlackBerry device
as my main phone in a while now, with the newly announced BlackBerry KEYone reigniting
interest in the brand again, I thought itll be fun to do a throwback video of the BlackBerry
Q10, one of my favourite BlackBerry devices. First impression counts, and the BlackBerry
Q10 definitely score points in that department. It has a handsome utilitarian design that
has stood the test of time.

The build quality of the phone is superb as
well, with its metal frame, and grippy glass weave back. The screen is pretty tiny at 3.1 Inches, but
it does mean that the phone is really compact, and really easy to use one-handed, which is
another reason why I still like it so much. The keyboard takes up one-third of the front
of the phone, so if youre interested in this phone, you are probably not going to
be doing a lot of media consumption on it. You are going to be typing.

Which is great because BlackBerry really knows
how to make great physical keyboards. While virtual keyboards has gotten really
good too, they dont provide the same tactile typing experience. But thats not the only thing the keyboard
is good for, it enables some really handy features too. I can set a shortcut to most of the 26 alphabets
on the keyboard, to launch an app, compose a new message, speed dial, or set up a few
other shortcuts.

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There are also some shortcuts within apps
which makes navigating around the interface a bit quicker, provided you can remember all
of them. Another nifty feature would be the ability
to just start typing on the homescreen to search for anything on the phone, or use it
to trigger an action; like posting a tweet, or sending a message to someone. These might not sound like much, but it does
make it a bit quicker for me to get things done. Of course what enables some of these features
is BlackBerry 10.

In its current form, 10.3.3, It still runs
well even on the Q10s almost four years old hardware. A testament to how well-optimised it is. The user interface is one of the unique features
of the platform, using swipes to navigate around. It has a bit of a learning curve, but its
quite intuitive once you get the hang of it.

This gesture based interface allows access
to the BlackBerry Hub no matter what Im doing on the phone. If you dont know what BlackBerry Hub does,
it basically consolidates different communication services and notifications into one single
location, making it a convenient one-stop shop for most of my communication needs. So I can even send and receive whatsapp messages,
SMS, emails, Twitter direct messages, all from within BlackBerry Hub. It used to be able to support more services,
like Facebook for example.

But sadly, as app developers slowly drop their
support for the platform, the Hub is no longer as useful as it used to be. Which brings me to the biggest problem using
the platform. Native BlackBerry 10 apps are almost non-existent. Some of the apps in BlackBerry World doesnt even work anymore, and some have just completely disappeared.


BlackBerry 10 does support installation of
Android apps, and BlackBerry has even included the Amazon app store by default. But not everything works since BlackBerry
10 only has a basic Android runtime. For the more adventurous, you could sort of
tinker around with adding Google Play Services which allows more apps to work, but it does
require a lot more work. If you're interested, Ill leave the link
in the description below so you can check it out.

Some apps works better than others, but I
would say most of them offer subpar experiences with frequent app crashes and slow performance. Its tolerable if its just a couple of
apps, but I try to avoid using them as much as possible. Basically if you rely heavily on Google services,
youre going to have a hard time. Other than the app issue, BlackBerry 10 is
actually still really nice to use.

Its missing a few of the more recent features
like mobile payments, or biometric authentication, but feature wise, its comparable to other
platforms. In terms of the hardware on the BlackBerry
Q10, its a bit of mixed bag. The processor may be old, but it still handles
native apps and games well. Just that opening Android apps might take
a bit longer.

And talking about android apps, if you dont
rely too much on them, the 2,100mAh battery is actually still pretty decent, and its
removable too. Camera performance wise, if youre not too
picky about the image quality, the 8MP camera is able to produce decent looking shots if
the lighting condition is just right. Just dont expect much out of it in challenging
lighting conditions. Using the BlackBerry Q10 again, really brings
back memories of the good ol CrackBerry days.

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The Q10 came out at a time where BlackBerry
fans were still full of hope for the future of the platform, and perhaps the phone is
best remembered that way. It was a bold endeavour from BlackBerry to
carve out a unique path of their own. Of course we all know how it turned out, but
that doesnt make the BlackBerry 10 platform any less impressive. It has been a good run for the company, but
I think its time to stop looking back, and start looking towards the future.

Having used the BlackBerry Priv, and seeing
what the new BlackBerry KEYone could offer, it gives me hope that perhaps the BlackBerry
name will continue to stick around for a bit longer. Thanks for watching this video, if you like
it be sure to give me a thumbs up, and subscribe to the channel. Thanks, and see you guys on the next one..

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