Gadget Review – BlackBerry Priv Review Is It Worth It

BlackBerry Priv Review - Is It Worth It

BlackBerry is known for its stellar build
quality and tough business minded phones, but its been a long time since Ive seen
one even worth considering. This new BlackBerry Priv however, is something different. It combines
the best of Androids software with a sleek sliding keyboard that wont take away from
the phones slim design. With a price tag of $250 many will wonder if BlackBerrys
latest smartphone is worth it.

Anyway, lets get right into the video. Aesthetically speaking I think this is one
of the best looking phones of this year. It has nice silver accents, curved edges, and
slim bezels. The Privs textured back and matte edges make holding the Priv very easy
and mean a case probably isnt necessary.

The phone also of course has some sweet onscreen
buttons that blend into the screens background and will disappear when playing games. The
Priv also has some heft to it which makes it feel less like a toy and more like a tool,
which I think is a good thing. On the right side youll find the volume up rocker, a
quick settings button, and the volume down rocker. On the left is the power button, on
the bottom is the micro usb port, and up on the top is the micro sd card slot and sim
card tray.

And of course I can't forget the sweet front
facing speakers which work incredibly well for watching video or listening to music. The Priv has a 5.4 Inch display which has
2k resolution and 540 pixels per inch. Text is ultra crisp, video looks incredible, and
gaming performance on Riptide GP2 at the highest quality was simply amazing. I would highly
recommend checking out the display at your local ATT store, because Ive been very

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The one area I was really excited to check
out on the Priv was the operating system and general performance of Android on a BlackBerry
device. With Android we now get access to the Play Store which means tons of awesome
games that BlackBerry would normally wouldnt have. With 3GBs of ram and a Snapdragon 808
processor, one wouldnt expect any hiccups or lag. However, I did notice some every once
and a while.

Thats not to say that phone was ultra laggy, but it was certainly evident
once the phone got quite warm with dozens of apps running in the background. Hopefully
BlackBerry can roll out a software update, and 6.0 Marshmellow should improve some of
that. At the same time though, the Priv is certainly quick and fluid 99% of the time. The keyboard is absolutely one of the Privs
highlights, and I actually have a whole new video rolling out going over tips and tricks
on both the physical and virtual keyboard.

Theres a bit of a learning curve on the
keyboard but Ive been really impressed by the shortcuts and overall performance.
At first glance, and even first use the physical keyboard can be a bit cramped and tough to
get use to, but after I couple days worth of use youll definitely be a pro. The BlackBerry Priv is outfitted with an 18
megapixel camera that offers some decent color variation and overall image quality, but it
certainly isnt comparable to the camera of other top tier devices like the Samsung
Galaxy S6. Video wise the Priv does have 4k video footage which Ill link to in the
description down below. One of the best features on the Priv is definitely
the battery life.

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It has a removable 3410mAh battery which is pretty darn huge. Ive
been able to get just over a days worth of usage out of the Priv, but at the same
time my phone is not syncing multiple email accounts and constantly running applications
in the backrground, so keep that in mind. While the battery isnt removable, BlackBerry
has certainly kept some loyal fans happy with a micro sd card slot that goes up to 200Gbs.
Internally it has 32GBs worth of storage. For only $250 the BlackBerry Priv is a fantastic
device for any power user thats constantly checking and sending emails.

It has fantastic
battery life, incedible build quality, and great specs. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed
this unboxing and review, if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the
channel. Thanks for watching and Ill see you all next time..

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