Gadget Review – BlackBerry Motion review

BlackBerry Motion - review

Today we're looking at the BlackBerry Motion. Blackberry? They still make phones? You may think… Ive never had a classic BlackBerry but
When I think BlackBerry, I think of good things like physical keyboard, security, and long
battery life, but I also think of slow performance, lack of apps, and stuffy business suit wearing
people. Well, this is not the same old Blackberry,
this is an actually decent mid range full-touch Android phone that retains some of the good
things about the old BlackBerries.

It has slightly better than midrange specs
for an Android phone with a 5.5 Inch IPS display at 1080p resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
chipset, 32GB storage with 4GB RAM, microSD. Slot up to 400GB, 12 megapixel camera with
f/2.0 Aperture, 4k video at 30fps, IP67 water and dust resistance, USB 2.0 Type C connector. They didnt go with top of the range display
and chipset, but the ones that are on here are fine for most uses. Unless youre doing Daydream VR on your
Android, I think 1080p and Snapdragon 625 are more than adequate.

The Motion has an excellent build quality
with an Aluminum frame and plastic back cover. It feels very solid, and feels like it would
survive a few drops. Though I wouldnt risk it since its most
touchscreen phones shatter when dropped a couple of times on concrete. Even though this is a full touch device, it
still retains that BlackBerry feeling with the masculine edges and the back texture.

I actually really like the design. They managed to create a unique design with
the same old black slab theme that all smartphones have to follow these days. One of the things I mentioned at the beginning,
the long battery life that blackberries are known for can still be found on here. Theres a non-removable 4000 mah battery
inside, which has no problem lasting 2 days with normal use, maybe even 3 days if you
use your phone lightly.

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I think the first iPad Minis battery was
about the same capacity, so thats quite a bit of energy packed into this small size
right here. Even the Note 8 only has a 3300 mah battery
inside, so 4000 is HUGE. I got the iPhone X here, this only has a 2700
mAh battery. The motion costs like a third of this, yet
it has almost 50% more battery.

What the hell Apple. Coupled with a 1080p display and a power efficient
625 chipset, this battery seemingly lasts forever. If you start your day with this phone fully
charged up, you wont need to carry around one of these things It also supports quick charge 3.0, So you
can charge up very quickly. Stand-by battery life is untypical good for
an Android phone, I think this phone must be doing some kind of great software power
management behind the scenes when its not in use.

The Motion runs Android 7.1.2 With BlackBerrys
own software additions on top. There are security focused features that you
might appreciate as a BlackBerry fan, like the DTEK that measures how secure your phone
is. With all the hacking going around these days,
I appreciate these touches. I hope BlackBerry keeps doing these things,
and I hope other manufacturers learn from them.

There are also neat little touches like a
dedicated hardware button for app shortcuts, and a software-based shortcuts for email,
calendar, contacts, etc. Android is very customizable, so you could
install similar shortcuts on your home screen, but its nice to have these features built-in
as well so new users dont have to look for them. These things will really save you time if
you get accustomed to them. The camera is alright – not great but not
terrible either.

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It shoots 12 megapixel photos with an f/2.0
Lens. It uses a phase detection auto focus system. If you shoot on auto mode, it will tend to
overexpose and bring up the shadows, giving photos an unnatural feeling, which is not
unique to this camera at all. Most phone cameras do this, with the exception
of iPhones and Galaxy S cameras – those actually shoot photos that look pleasing and natural.

But this is a midrange-ish phone, so youre
getting what you paid for. An interesting feature is that you can take
a photo with the fingerprint sensor, and it will keep that photo in a special private
mode that is only visible after an extra fingerprint authentication. This means you can take a bunch of private
photos, and still feel comfortable lending your phone to other people. They wont be able to see those saucy, private
photos of yours.

Gaming performance is quite good. Heres a game that Ive been working on
called Maruta Escape. Should be coming out later this year This chipset wont have issues running 99
percent of the games from the Play Store. Even though this has a midrange chipset inside,
developers will typically target midrange chipset from 2 years ago to ensure that many
people can enjoy their apps, so you wont likely run into many apps that this phone
cant handle smoothly for the next couple of years, The microSD and the SIM cards are on the same
tray, so you cant really hot swap microSD.

Cards comfortably, but thats kind of nitpicking. Because no one really hot swaps microSD cards
that often. So The Blackberry motion costs 600 dollars
unlocked in Canada. Its more expensive than other midrange
phones, but with this phone you get extra features like water resistance, huge battery,
and great security features.

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Plus, if youre getting this phone on contract,
its either free or 100 dollars for 2 year contracts depending on what kind of plan you
have at Bell, so the upfront cost is not that different from other phones. Im really liking this phone, I recommend
it, so make sure to check out the BlackBerry Motion when youre out shopping for a new
phone. Thanks for watching!.

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