Gadget Review – BlackBerry Motion has a Nano Diamond Screen

BlackBerry Motion has a Nano Diamond Screen - Durability test!

The recently released BlackBerry Motion is
here on my desk. BlackBerry hasn't always passed my durability
tests. With plastic camera lenses on the BlackBerry
Priv and a screen that falls off on the BlackBerry KeyOne, it will be interesting to see what
happens this time around. Let's get started.

[Intro] BlackBerry claims to be a secure smartphone
software-wise, and that's fine, but I'm here to test the hardware. The Motion is a much lighter phone than I
anticipated. The first thing I noticed was the large extra
button on the side. I thought it was the power button but it's
actually customize-able.

It could be a mute switch, open the camera,
or any other app. It's almost like BlackBerry heard the complaints
about Samsung's Bixby and then fixed the problem. The part I'm most interested in though, is
the screen. On BlackBerry's website they claim to have
a proprietary nano-diamond anti-scratch coating, which is a pretty bold claim.

My Mohs picks do a pretty good job of differentiating
between diamonds and just regular glass. And looking at the scratch marks, I still
see damage done at a level 6, which means it's normal glass. It might be my imagination that there's a
little less damage than normal, but still, damage happens at a 6. BlackBerry could be talking about the little
micro-abrasion resistance that happens in your pocket though.

If you look at my unprotected Galaxy S8 that's
been in my pocket for about a year, it's got abrasions all over it. Maybe BlackBerry's proprietary nano-diamond
coating will protect against those micro-abrasions. One of you guys will have to come back in
a year and leave a comment about that scratch resistance. Only time will tell.

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Or, just add a screen protector. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry. The menu and back buttons are both embedded
under the glass and therefore protected, along with that 8 megapixel front camera. The wide earpiece grill is made from metal
and solidly attached to the frame.

Perfect for keeping metal and dirt out of
the earpiece. And now for the home button which turned out
to be surprisingly resilient. The mark you see here from my razor blade
is actually just a smudge  my razor left no physical damage on the home button. I tried out the fingerprint scanner just for
kicks and giggles, and it registered and unlocked the phone every single time with my thumb.

So thumbs up for that. BlackBerry's on a roll so far. BlackBerry comes in all your favorite colors
– if you like black. And the sides of the phone are made from aluminum.

Flipping it over to the other side and checking
the buttons, we get more metal on the volume rocker, the power button, and the button that
Bixby wishes is was. The top of the phone is made from plastic,
but covered in a shiny metallic paint that kind of flicks off a bit when damaged. Down at the bottom of the phone we have we
have more metal next to that USB-C slot, and thankfully, a headphone jack. It's almost like someone over at BlackBerry
was like listening to customers or something when they made this phone.

The material next to the camera lens is still
that same plastic wrapped around from the top. Not a big deal, plastic is totally fine as
long as it doesn't compromise the build structure. The lens itself is made from glass, protecting
that 12 megapixel camera underneath. The camera protrusion is minimal as well.

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Not too bad. BlackBerry was basically the number one in
the smartphone world before the iPhone was released 10 years ago. After that, they kind of basically declined
to nothing, and then started their comeback a few years ago with the Android operating
system integration. There have been a few bumps in the road, but
it's nice to see them competing again.

This smooth rubber back doesn't add a whole
lot of extra grip, but it does keep the phone from sliding off a smooth table. Keys and coins don't do any damage to the
surface. The little drupes we see on the back panel
are inlaid and can pop off. I imagine after a year or two in your pocket,
you might be missing one or two of these, but only time will tell.

One feature I thought was unique was this
privacy shade thing, which basically dims down the entire screen except for one little
circle or rectangle that you can drag around with your finger to unveil whatever sensitive
information, or sensitive individuals, might be on your screen. Then lifting up your finger makes it all disappear
again, until the privacy shade is turned off and the screen goes back to normal. And now for the burn test. The BlackBerry Motion has a 5.5 Point inch
1080p IPS display.

And, just if by chance your phone comes in
contact with direct flame, it will last about 6 seconds before the pixels start going black. Remember, try to avoid the temptation of doing
this to your own phone. Intentionally damaging expensive electronics
would be dumb. And now for the bend test.

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The ultimate revealer of structural flaws,
this phone is IP67 water resistant and survived the first flex. But I somehow managed to pinch my finger between
the glass and the frame. I've never had a BlackBerry try to eat me
before, but other than that, there is no permanent damage or kinks along the frame. And it even looks like someone remembered
to glue the screen on this time.

Impressive. With the programmable side button, or thousand
milliamp battery life, metal frame and headphone jack, BlackBerry has done a fantastic job
with this one. It will be interesting to see what makes this
thing water resistant when I do the tear down video. Come hang out with me on Twitter to stay updated.

And thanks a ton for watching. I'll see you around. And if you made it this far in the video,
what is your favorite berry? You know, the edible kind. I'm curious..

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