Gadget Review – BlackBerry Leap review

BlackBerry Leap - review

TEK.GADG, TEK.GADG, TEK.GADG! Sean from TEK.GADG here and today were
looking at the BlackBerry Leap. So the BlackBerry Leap is essentially an affordable
version of the BlackBerry Z10 that was released earlier. Its a full touch device with the
latest BlackBerry OS. It has a 720p display at 5 inches, almost
at 300 PPI pixel density.

The screen is sharp, but the colours seem a bit flat in comparison
to screens on more expensive devices. The hardware design is quite appealing. It
has a clean, modern design, with a hint of professionalism on the backside. It feels
solid and rugged in the hands, and the combination of the back texture and soft plastic material
prevents the phone from slipping away from your hands.

Many of the metal and glass phones
are just too slippery, so its actually refreshing to hold a phone that doesnt
have this problem. Theres a SIM card and microSD card slot
behind a cover. You can swap these on the go. It weights 170grams, but it feels much lighter
than that weight would suggest.

The camera takes okay photos in good lighting.
It takes 8 megapixel stills at acceptable quality, but it does not excel at low light.
HDR mode is really weak, especially compared to some of the high end phones released this
year. HDR photos show an odd aura of light around objects, and photos are sometimes blurry. Video mode is a hit or miss most of the times.
Theres no good image stabilization, and sometimes the camera just misses the focus
completely, resulting in blurry videos. Battery life is quite good.

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It has a 2,800
mah battery inside that lasts a few days per charge. Battery life and management on BlackBerry
is really great. I think the BlackBerry Leap is a pretty good
affordable phone with okay specs. For a phone thats free on contract, this is alright.
But specs arent the big issue here its the operating system.

Does it make sense for normal people to choose
BlackBerry OS? So there are a couple of things that BlackBerry
OS does really well. BlackBerry Hub is great. It shows you relevant messaging or social
networking information right on the home screen, and notifications are categorized very clearly.
This notification system is absolutely the best Ive seen, and its much easier to
manage than iOS and Androids notification systems. BlackBerrys touch keyboard is also a joy
to use.

Predicted words appear right on the keyboard, and you simply swipe them up to
shoot them up to the text input area. This is fast, and it feels like youre playing
a game. Its actually pretty fun! BlackBerry web browser is very nice, and it
supports full flash. These days you dont need flash to browse most websites, at least
not the popular ones, but its nice to have.

It really is a desktop quality browser. However, there are many missing apps that
will turn a lot of people off. Apps like Google Maps, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix,
and so many more are just not on BlackBerry, and will likely never come to the BlackBerry
OS in an official form. And for these social networking apps, there are no alternatives.
You just have to use the real thing.

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And obviously they know this, so now you can
install Android apps on BlackBerry OS. It comes preloaded with the Amazon AppStore app,
and you can also sideload a Google Play Store client that allows you to download free and
paid apps. Now, these apps work well enough that you
can almost pretend that your BlackBerry device is an Android device. However, performance
will be slightly slower than on similarly priced Android devices, and you cant have
notification from Android apps unless you download another app that relays Android notification
to BlackBerry OS.

Its a bit janky. The fact that you can download Android apps
is a huge deal, but if app support and social networking are important to you, you should
get an Android phone or an iPhone. But If you are deep into the BlackBerry stuff,
and would like a smartphone with decent multimedia features, the Leap might be the right phone
for you. Thanks for watching..

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