Gadget Review – Blackberry Hands OnThe Mercury Is Here!

Blackberry KEYone Hands OnThe Mercury Is Here!

– Hey everybody, it's Daniel
here with Android Central, and we are here in
beautiful Barcelona, Spain, showing off the BlackBerry … Wait for it … KeyOne. That's right, the BlackBerry Mercury is officially called the KeyOne, and we're gonna take a much
closer look at it right now.

(Upbeat percussive music) So, this is the hardware
that we saw back at CES, but it is a little bit more final, and it feels a little bit more solid, so we'll take a look around the device. We have that 1620 by 1080 4.5-Inch screen. That's 1080 equivalent,
BlackBerry Mobile says, but it's got that interesting
three by two aspect ratio. Of course, that's to accommodate
the hardware keyboard, and we'll take a much closer
look at that in a minute, but we'll go around the device.

On the bottom, the USB type C port with the single speaker and microphone. On the right side, we have
the volume locker and this convenience key that we'll
also go over in a second, along with the SIM tray. On the left side is the power button. You won't need to use it as much, because there is that fingerprint sensor that's gonna allow you
to turn on the screen.

On the top is a 3.5Mm headphone jack, which is nice and appreciated,
and there's this cool curved design that comes
through the entire body of the phone, and it makes
it a little bit distinctive. On the back, this really
nice rubber finish. Super BlackBerry. I mean, this is just
classic BlackBerry look.

It's a little bit fingerprint-y,
but it's easy to clean, and you have that
12-megapixel IMX378 sensor. This is the same sensor
inside the Google Pixel, and even though it's not
running the same chip, you can expect excellent results. You also have that dual-LED flash. So I'll go back to the front, and we'll look at this keyboard.

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Now, this keyboard is fantastic. It's a little bit less shallow. It's much easier to click than the Priv. But it's also not as contoured
as classic BlackBerry devices and that's to make it easy to do gestures.

So I can type as I always did. I can swipe back, and
it's really responsive. And of course with this
keyboard, you can also program buttons to open different
apps, so every single button has a single tap and a long tap. It definitely feels just
as good and clicky as the BlackBerry keyboards of the past, and we're, you know,
expecting a lot of people to be very, very happy with this.

You have that symbol key here that brings up the onscreen buttons, but if you just wanna type
and let it predict, you can. So I'm just gonna type a bunch of words, and you can swipe up
anywhere on the keyboard. There are three zones, and like in previous BlackBerry devices, you swipe up and the predictive
engine will hopefully choose the right words for
you, and it'll learn as you go, which is really nice. So, let's talk specs.

Inside, we have a Snapdragon 625. Now, BlackBerry says that
it could have included a really fast, modern chip
like the 821 or even the 835, but the goal here is not to
sell this device to enthusiasts looking for the latest and greatest specs. They're looking for people who want this phone to last a long time. One to two days of battery,
and that's why they chose this very efficient Snapdragon 625 chip built on a 14-nanometer process.

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It's an OptiCore chip. It's used in lots of other
devices, like the Moto Z Play, and it performs really well. I have no problem with it in here. There's also three gigs of RAM in here and 32 gigs of internal storage.

Inside, though, we have a
3500 milliamp-power battery. It's actually 3505, but let's
just round down for a moment. This is gonna last you a long time, probably more than any
BlackBerry device to date, and that's exactly what
the company is going for, because they want this to be
sold to government agencies … To hospitals, and that's why they also have this great camera.

You can see in the viewfinder here, BlackBerry's made some
changes to the camera UI. It takes photos really, really fast, and it does a bunch of cool things. It has filters, obviously, it has slow-mo, there's even a pro mode if
you wanna go to that level, and you can change things
like your shutter speed, your ISO, your white
balance, your exposure … So that's the specs, but we
also have BlackBerry software.

This is, as I said, it's
running Android 7.1.1, And BlackBerry Mobile is
working with BlackBerry back in Canada to sign
all of this software. So we have the security that you expect from a BlackBerry device. You have the performance,
and you also have the apps, like Hub, that people have
come to know and quite enjoy in addition to the BlackBerry Launcher and things like DTEK, which makes sure that you are secured, and
it's going to be receiving monthly software updates, so that's one of the major
advantages of running an Android phone on a
BlackBerry device like this. So, we can tell you this.

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It's gonna cost about $550
when it's unveiled in Q2. In the US, it's gonna be sold unlocked. It'll also be available
on carriers in Canada I think, you know, around
late March, early April, and this is gonna be a
phone that a lot of people are very, very interested in. Whether it sells well, whether it sells to the mainstream, the people who loved BlackBerry hardware keyboards, we'll see.

But I'm pretty excited about it, and I know we all are
here at Android Central. That's it for this quick look
at the BlackBerry KeyOne. Stay tuned for lots more at
Mobile World Congress 2017. Subscribe to this channel
if you haven't already, and we will see you very
soon in the next video.

Thanks for watching. (Electronic hip hop groove).

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