Gadget Review – Best Tablet of 2017 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

Best Tablet of 2017 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

Hi guys, it's MTG here, and today I'm going
to be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It's only available in this 9.7 Inch size,
and costs around 600 dollars. Samsung, as always, did not shy away from
giving their flagship the best specifications available:
It has a 9.7 Inch HDR-ready super AMOLED panel that has a resolution of 1536×2048,
USB-C. Fingerprint scanner,
32 Gigabytes of onboard storage with a micro-sd card slot for up to an extra 256
gigs And a CPU that is going to get the job
done In this video, I'm going to give my thoughts on how this
tablet performs in the real world.

Specs aside, how does the Tab S3 perform as
a tablet. The first thing you notice from the moment
you turn on the tablet, is its gorgeous screen. Everything from webpages to Netflix simply
looks amazing. Text is crisp and colors pop.

Because it's an AMOLED panel, the screen is
still visible even in direct sunlight. And what better way to interact with such
a high quality display than with its included s-pen. Unlike the Apple Pencil, the s-pen does not
require any batteries. It just works right out of the box.

Some may complain about the way the thin 0.7
Mm tip glides on the screen, but having used a 0.5 Mm mechanical pencil for all of my note-taking
in college, the s-pen just feels natural to use. After about five minutes of use, I was able
to write just as well as I would on a normal piece of paper. Samsung includes OneNote and the rest of the
Office Suite pre-installed. Simply log in and you're ready to access all
of your notes, documents, and spreadsheets utilizing Microsoft's OneDrive.

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The Tab S3 has a quad speaker design tuned
by Harmon Karmon's AKG. Playing any media from medium to high volume
will cause people around you to ask, "Is that sound coming from your tablet?" No matter how you hold the tablet, there will
always be sound, and plenty of it, making YouTube browsing and Netflix binge-watching
very enjoyable The tablet has very good on board rear and
front facing cameras at 13 and 5 megapixels respectively. The stills show great detail, and the video
shots are pretty good. But realistically, if you're buying this tablet,
it won't be for the onboard cameras.

But in the scenario that your phone is in
the other room or discharged, and you need to take a picture, the Tab S3 will get the
job done. Samsung packed a 6000 mAH battery rated at
up to 12 hours of use into the very slim body of the Tab S3. Every day that I have used the tablet, I have
given it fairly heavy usage, and I have never gotten to the point where I felt nervous that
it was going to die on me. Id consistently finish the day's usage
with about 20% of battery.

I have no idea what Samsung was thinking when
they switched from the durable, matte plastic finish of the Tab S2. The predecessor's back was much less fingerprint
prone, and did not make you worry every time you took it out of the case. Yes, the glass looks great in all of these
pictures. It looks shiny and very 2017.

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But in reality, I would never take this with
me anywhere without a case. I am not going to risk accidentally shattering
or scratching the back of my tablet, so the shiny new back design means nothing anymore. The S-pen is a great tool, but every so often
the placement of the button will make me accidentally trigger air-command, which interrupts whatever
I was doing. To combat this problem, I have had to consciously
flip the pen so that the button is not where my thumb is.

I also have an issue with where the s-pen
can be stored. Samsung should have come up with some way
to at least magnetically make the s-pen stay on the tablet. The metal clip it has could have been the
potential solution, but Samsung didn't magnetize enough of the side of the tablet to make it
a viable option. So unless I want to lose the s-pen that costs
$80 retail, I am going to use a case that can securely hold the pen with it.

The Tab S3 may have its flaws, but everything
with this tablet just works. It has the specifications to do whatever you'd
need a tablet to do. Samsung created a device that will not only
perform when needed for productivity, but also shine when it comes to media consumption. The s-pen makes note-taking and picture drawing
a breeze, and the absence of a battery keeps it simple and easy to use.

Although it does have its flaws, the Galaxy
Tab S3 checks so many boxes that I would feel very comfortable recommending it to anyone
with remote interest in the high-end tablet realm. If you liked that video, please give this
video a thumbs up, to subscribe, click the logo down below. If you'd like some behind the scenes of what
I'm up to, check the description for a link to my Twitter feed. And again, thanks for watching, and I will
see you in the next video..

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