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ASUS ZenFone Zoom S Quick Review Jago Motret, Baterai Awet

ASUS might be a little late to introduce its dual camera smartphone in Indonesia. Yet better late than never. Is this smartphone worth to buy? Well, you judge it yourself. ASUS has created smartphone named Zoom twice.

The first one was ZenFone Zoom which was released in the end of 2015, and the second one is ZenFone 3 Zoom that recently has been marketed in Indonesia, carrying the name of ZenFone Zoom S. We have used it for a couple of weeks, and find two main things which are carried by ZenFone Zoom S. That make it worth to be called photography smartphone. The first thing is the camera itself, and the second one is the huge capacity of battery.

You will soon find out what the correlation is between them. The name Zoom in ZenFone Zoom S is represented by the usage of two main camera modules. Both of the cameras are placed horizontally in a frame that is covered by Gorilla Glass, and have the same resolution of 12 MP. With Sonys IMX362 sensor.

The main camera that is in the left side has f/1.7 Aperture, OIS, EIS and 25mm focal length. Meanwhile, the second camera, offers to handle zooming mode. Which is located in the right side and has f/2.8 Aperture and 59mm focal length, This camera has 2,3x optical zoom that can be used by touching zoom button, just like iPhone 7 Plus. Aside of its optical zoom function, ASUS offers 12x total digital zoom.

Based on our experience using this smartphone for two weeks, maximum zooming mode that still delivers nice pictures is only 5x. To take pictures for daily usage, ZenFone Zoom S, of course, is an excellent smartphone. The camera is supported by Dual-Pixel PDAF technology and color correction sensor. Therefore, we feel satisfied with its color accuracy and white balance it produces.

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We try to take pictures in a yellow-lighted room, the result is very similar to what our eyes see, or it does not get yellower. Other things that worth a thumb up are the detail and noise. ASUS claims Zoom S camera can absorb 2.5X more lights than iPhone 7, thanks to f/1.7 Aperture. This claim is not overrated cause we see the noise it produces is very little, even when capturing black colored objects.

Aside of that, we subjectively feel like the configuration of ZenFone Zoom S dual camera is.. Lack of something. The reason is that we have not had any software updates that will bring bokeh mode on portrait mode, even until this video is released. Meanwhile, most of dual camera smartphones have offered portrait mode or bokeh.

But, dont worry. We will update the review in form of an article if the portrait mode is already available. Another thing we should discuss is the battery. ZenFone Zoom S 5.000 MAh battery can survive up to two days for normal daily usage.

This smartphone can be used to watch offline HD video for 19 hours. However, the charging process will take around 2,5 hours. Yes, Zoom S battery is even more durable, if compared to ZenFone 3 Max. Besides, 5.000 MAh battery can also be used to charge other devices, like OTG cable that is also included in the package.

The charging process is faster than ZenFone 3 Max because the stream is no longer 0.5-Ampere, yet it uses 1-ampere stream. Thus, using this giant battery, we can assure you that you can be an impromptu photographer and capture more than 1.500 Pictures. Then, how about the performance? We think that you have understood and are already able to guess. ZenFone Zoom S specification is very similar to ZenFone 3 ZE552KL, which are Snapdragon 625 chipset, 4 GB RAM, and 5.5-Inch screen.

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The combination earns 63 thousand points AnTuTu score, which is still qualified for this years multimedia needs. What differs them is the screen because Zoom S uses AMOLED panel that looks darker and power efficient. At the end, ZenFone Zoom S can be deemed to have 3 DNA of ASUS smartphones. The shape and computation performance are similar to ZenFone 3 ZE552KL, battery durability is better than ZenFone 3 Max, and the technology of its camera is the development of ZenFone 3 Laser.

Therefore, ZenFone Zoom S is now becoming the most attractive ASUS smartphone right now. This is why the smartphone is marketed at a price of Rp 6 million..

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