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ASUS ZenFone Live Quick Review Indonesia Obat Narsis Terjangkau

Along with Zoom S, ASUS also brings ZenFone Live to Indonesia. It is claimed that this is the first smartphone in the world with live streaming beautification feature. How great is it? Along with Zoom S, ZenFone Live becomes the new weapon of ASUS to boost its sales in the first half of this year. If Zoom S aims photography lovers, ZenFone Live targets the live streaming enthusiast.

ASUS seems to understand how to design a smartphone with a specialty of broadcasting a live streaming video. As a smartphone that will often held by one hand in quite a long time, ZenFone Live has a super compact body. The screen size is actually pretty standard, which 5-inch. But the body is thin and extraordinary light, only 120 grams.

In a way, this is the lightest 5-inch smartphone we've ever tried out. It is due to its whole body that is made of plastic yet looks like metal. So, it still looks nice. Moreover, the screen has also been beautified by its 2.5D arch.

Plus as usual, three soft buttons on the chin come without any illumination. Okay, now let's discuss the main attraction of this smartphone, which is the BeautyLive feature. This feature is already installed by default. When executed, some integrated live streaming will be presented.

Some of them are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Live.Me, BIGO Live, 17, Kitty Live, etc. Next, select the desired application, and it will immediately open. Actually, how BeautyLive works is very simple. When you want to start a live streaming, floating button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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When touched, it will change to beautification metering. We can choose from a scale of 1 to 10. How is the result? From our experience, level 5 is very sufficient for female users. As for male users, you can use level 6 or 7 if you want your skin to look smooth.

But if you want to use level 10, it will still look rational, and not too dramatic. Oh yes, in low light conditions, we can also activate the white colored LED, close to the front camera. In addition to BeautyLive, ASUS also equips ZenFone Live with dual-microphone, noise cancellation, and stereo recording. So when you use it for live streaming, those who watch can hear your voice more clearly by reducing the noise around you, although they do not use any headset.

Not just a microphone, 5-magnet speakers on ZenFone Live also sound amazing. We guarantee that you will not expect a smartphone as small as this has this big of a loudspeaker. Then, how about performance? Since it is focused on social media purpose, the ZenFone Live specification seems quite enough, not too fancy. There is a quad-core Snapdragon 410 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, and a 2,650 mAh battery with an average SOT of 4.5 Hours.

As for the needs of photography, you can rely on the 13 MP main camera and 5 MP front camera with a decent quality, as you can see in the following photos. ASUS ZenFone Live can run its role well as a video selfie expert. Therefore, ZenFone Live can be the main smartphone for those who think that existence in social media is important. But if  you are not a live streaming enthusiast, ZenFone Live is still good enough to be your second smartphone..

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