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ASUS ZenFone AR Review Indonesia Smartphone Masa Depan

This is ZenFone AR, ASUS most advanced smartphone. This smartphone is designed for the future. So sophisticated that it may not suitable for everyone. ZenFone ARs basic design is actually not that great.

Yet because of its unique design of camera, we categorize it as a unique smartphone. ZenFone AR has a 9 mm thickness, so it is classified as a thin smartphone. While off, the front part reminds us of Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 because both are a bit square and have a physical home button. Moreover, the design of the antenna is also similar.

For daily use, ZenFone AR is very nice to hold. The dimension of the body may be rather large because of the 5.7-Inch screen. But what makes it nice is the leather material on the back of its body. Therefore, it will not feel slippery, and it does not get easily dirty.

Usually, most smartphones have power buttons and volume rockers on both sides. ZenFone AR is different. The power and volume keys are all placed on the right side of the smartphone. Automatically, our left thumb will not do other things, except typing.

Speaking of buttons, ASUS pinned fingerprint sensor on the physical Home button. Unfortunately, we have to turn on the screen first to open the lockscreen with our fingerprints. Fortunately, the accuracy is great and fast. We will shorten our discussion about the software.

Until this video is released, ZenFone AR is still loyal to Android 7.0. Inside, there are many ASUS built-in applications that some of them can be called as bloatware since it's never been used. Out of many default applications that have been installed, the two most important ones are Google Tango and Daydream. Yes, this is because ZenFone AR is the first smartphone in the world that has already supported the two latest technologies from Google.

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Oh, we found an unusual feature on ZenFone's smartphone, which is Always-on Display. This feature is similar to a feature on Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, which serves as a timer and notification. Bringing Tango and Daydream technology, ZenFone AR must have brought a monsterous hardware as well. Yes, although many people deplore the chipset that still uses Snapdragon 821, we can say that for daily use, this chipset is still very powerful.

Moreover, its RAM capacity is 8 GB. And its maximum internal storage reaches 256 GB. It sounds really amazing, of course. Therefore, do not be surprised if the AnTuTu score exceeds other smartphones, which use Snapdragon 821 in general.

This smartphone earned 150 thousand points. Hows the gaming performance? No need to ask for more. The performance is definitely fast! Unfortunately, ZenFone AR heats up quite fast. The warm nuance will be felt in the rear body, starting from the camera area to the left and right of the body.

It will start heating up if you use it to play games or use the camera for more than 5 minutes. In addition, all the advanced technology and monsterous spec that it carries are not supported by extra battery. The capacity is rather standard, that is 3300 mAh, that it certainly is not enough. As a result, the average SoT that we get is very rare, which is five hours.

The screen is also one of the causes of why ZenFone AR consumes a lot of energy. The panel is actually Super AMOLED, which is more efficient than IPS, but the resolution that reaches Quad HD definitely takes a lot of power. But at least, we will be spoiled by its excellent screen quality. Yes, this is the best ZenFone smartphones screen available today.

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Even ZenFone 3 Deluxe only has Full HD resolution. On paper, ZenFone ARs camera specification is quite creepy. In the back of the body, there are three cameras; namely, the main camera of 23 MP with PDAF and 4-axis OIS, the second camera or motion tracking acts to detect movement, and the last one, depth sensing, is to measure object distance with laser help. The camera capability is more or less similar to ZenFone 3 Deluxe.

Its features are similar. Surely, 23 MP resolutions is a guarantee to produce sharp images. But what you should note is the shutter lag that is less nimble in low light situation. So, it will be very difficult for us to take pictures of children without getting any blur when it is lack of light.

Then, how is the quality of the shots when you have sufficient light? You can judge it yourself through the following photos and videos. Once again, we need to emphasize that ZenFone AR is the world's first smartphone that supports Tango and Daydream all at once. Tango is great to enjoy augmented reality content, and Daydream is for virtual reality content. Actually, the ZenFone AR sales box cover can be transformed into a simple VR headset.

But if you want to enjoy a more qualified Daydreams VR, we must buy a Daydream headset that is sold separately for Rp1.8 Million. Of course, the quality of how it looks is better, and its also more comfortable wearing it, if compared to regular headset. Meanwhile, Google Tangos augmented reality technology allows us to play with virtual objects inside the smartphone screen. This technology is certainly more useful than virtual reality.

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Since we can do many things, starting from simple things like measuring objects, simulating spatial planning, learning and seeing new things virtually, to having fun with unique and creative games. But to keep in mind, neither VR nor AR content is fully useful for today's daily usage. VR and AR are like technology for the future because the supporting ecosystem is not yet fully available. In addition, VR and AR require extra hardware work, so the smartphone would easily heat up.

ASUS ZenFone AR is a smart and elegant smartphone that is actually more suitable for the future. Its specialty is on the support of virtual reality and augmented reality technology that it carries. If you really need both of these technologies, then ZenFone AR is the best choice right now..

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