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Apple iPhone 7 Review Indonesia

Performance wise, no need to doubt iPhone 7. It is twice faster than iPhone 6. The question is… Are the changes it brings …

Worth to buy? Let's see the review. Aside of IP67 certification of water and dust-proof, there is not much of a difference in terms of design. This year, Apple only fixes and perfects the iPhone 6 which was designed on 2014. We noticed that, appearance wise, there are three visible changes, which are two new color selections, no more jack audio, and the position of the antenna is more presentable.

Apple designed iPhone 7 using aluminium 7000 which is strong and is not easily bent. Yet, holding it feels slippery, especially in an air conditioned room. For iPhone 7, black is the diva. There are black and jet black.

If you do not want to feel bothered, pick the ordinary black since jet black easily leaves scratch and fingerprints. The placing of its button is still similar to iPhone 6. Its screen dimension is 4.7 Inch with 2.5D curve as well. The placing of its speaker is also the same as iPhone 6's.

However, iPhone 7 actually has a dual speaker stereo which is placed in the upper and lower front sides. There is also invisible alteration that can be clearly felt. It is in the home button. This button will not sink when pressed.

Due to Taptic Engine, you can feel it vibrates when you press the button. Apple provides you with three level of vibrations. This new button offers a new sensation and experience. Plus, it is claimed that the button will not be easily broken, different to the previous phones.

However, it does not response to thick fabric. You must feel difficulty to touch it while using gloves. The first time we turned it on, the iPhone 7 that we bought still uses iOS 10. We updated it to 10.0.1 Version which is claimed to bring improvement to VoLTE.

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After trying it on, we believe that iOS 10 was indeed designed for iPhone 7. You need to push or touch the home button to open its locksceeen. Not swipe anymore In other words, you will be forced to enjoy the new home button of iPhone 7. When locked, its screen can automatically turn on due to Raise to Wake feature.

It will directly turn on while you take it off the table. Besides, the notification is also designed optimally with 3D Touch technology. In several applications, such as WhatsApp, we can reply messages without even opening the lockscreen by pushing the screen a little longer. Another huge difference it offers is in iMessage application.

In iOS 10, you are able to send messages in a more fun way by attaching stickers, GIF animated, and manual handwriting. Another exclusive feature is Haptic feedback. This feature offers the sensation of vibrating that is different. It comes from the smartphone's body.

For instance, when you set an alarm, you will feel gentle vibration everytime you swipe the numbers. We have not felt this kind of sensation in other smartphones. Apple claims iPhone 7 computation performance is twice faster than iPhone 6. Yes, for the first time, Apple uses energy saving CPU quad-core, Apple A10 Fusion 2.3 GHz.

This CPU is supported by 2 GB RAM. There are two core processor which handle heavy tasks while the other two processor handle lighter tasks. We have to admit that iPhone 7 is a very fast smartphone. Yet actually, if you are not a heavy gamer, you will not feel any difference.

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are as fast when it comes to running daily applications. Even running the latest heavy game, iPhone 6 is still capable of doing it. Having the same screen dimension and resolution, Apple claims iPhone 7's is better than iPhone 6 due to wide color gamut. But again, we do not feel any significant changes.

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What we feel improved actually comes out of its audio. The sound that is delivered by iPhone 7's speaker is louder and more qualified, thanks to its dual speaker stereo which is placed in the upper and lower sides of the smartphone. Playing games or watching videos in landscape mode feel very fun. Regarding the battery, we feel that Apple is far behind Android.

The battery capacity is only 1.960 MAh. Plus, there is no fast charging technology. If you are used to using OPPO F1 Plus, OnePlus 3, Xiaomi Mi 5, or Samsung Galaxy S7, you will feel bored of waiting it fully charged. We noted that the charging process (off to fully charged) takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The endurance is also not very impressive. It can also last for approximately 8 hours. IPhone cameras were designed to be easily used by anyone. This also goes to iPhone 7.

The main camera is 12 MP, and supported by optical image stabilizer and quad-LED true tone flash. Due to f/1.8 Aperture, iPhone 7's camera can capture better lighting even in darkness. Yes, this difference is what's stand out between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s' camera. But the quality of the pictures taken by it is not so far from daily usage.

Without manual mode, we feel like the pictures delivered by iPhone 7 is not as good as Android's; for example, Galaxy Note 7. We have to admit that Galaxy Note 7 can produce sharper and brighter pictures. Unfortunately, we cannot compare them head to head since our Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled. Yet video wise, iPhone 7's is the best one in smartphone category.

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OIS works effectively removing shaking effects. Moreover, transfering focus of objects feels smooth, and it also excels in recording 4K @30 fps, full HD @60 fps, slow mo 720p @240 fps videos and timelapse. Moving to the front side, FaceTime camera has improved to 7 MP resolution camera. It offers a sharper result, especially if compared to iPhone 6's.

Recording videos for Snapchat or Instagram Stories can be done optimally since the resolution is up to full HD. "Hi, now i'm trying the front facing camera iPhone 7" "How good the quality is it?" What we feel missing out of the front camera is the beautify feature. Honestly, we are not very impressed by what iPhone 7 offers, if compared to its predecessors, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Overall, it still feels the same.

But a bit troublesome since there is no more jack audio. The best changes it brings are its black color selection which looks very cool and its home button that offers different sensation. If you use iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, we do not think that you need to purchase iPhone 7. Unless, you have unlimited budget that you do not know what else to purchase.

Ok, that's the iPhone 7 review. And we will continue to review iPhone 7 Plus. You curious? So, don;t forget to subscribe our YouTube Channel so you can always be update with us. Bye-bye..

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