Gadget Review – Apple iPhone 6s Review

Apple iPhone 6s Review

Hi, guys! I've got a smartphone that pioneers rose gold color. Yup! It's iPhone 6s. Why we review it now? Because apps that support 3D touch and cool new games just released recently. So, Here's iPhone 6s review.

From outside, there's no difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. It still as dazzling and luxurious as usual. Especially with rose gold color which fascinating for some people. Compare to iPhone 6, iPhone 6s is little bit heavier.

It's 129 gram vs 143 gram in weight. Our experience with iPhone 6 has taught us to use screen guard in iPhone 6s since these phones doesn't come with Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail Glass protection for the screen. Overall, we love iPhone 6s design and dimension. But the audio jack position might be a bit annoying when your using this phone in landscape position with an earphone.

IPhone 6s comes with iOS 9 but we have upgraded it to iOS 9.2. Not much change in its feature, though. Except that Siri now has become more responsive and intelligent. But Siri still fall behind Google Now and still unable to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

3D Touch is definitely a new feature with new sensation. With this feature, iPhone can understand different level of touch on its screen like running Task manager by touching the edge of the screen and then swiping it. Or you can take a peek on WhatsApp messages without entirely opening the apps. Like this…

Pressing a keyboard for a second will allow you to access the cursor just like using mouse in PC. For 3D Touch apps, this new feature can work as a shortcut to open a menu. The rest of the UI is still the same old iOS. Another unique feature is live wallpaper that gives GIF-like effect when you touch the screen.

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IPhone 6s hardware is a big upgrade from iPhone 6 with better processor, RAM, 3D Touch display, hexa-core GPU and a more responsive fingerprint sensor. Although it still powered by dual-core processor, iPhone 6s has faster 1.85GHz Apple A9 CPU than iPhone 6 1.4GHz Apple A8 CPU. RAM capacity now doubled to 2GB. Boosting AnTuTu Benchmark v6.0 Score to 130028 points.

That only mean one thing, all games can run perfectly smooth. It's no match for any Android flagship smartphone to date. Especially, iPhone 6s can deliver superb gaming experience with rich visual effects when playing the same game compare to playing it on another Android flagship. Playing Need For Speed: No Limits for instance, you see sparks and rain effects appear brilliantly on the screen.

This gaming experience is still unmatched to this day. The 1344 x 750 screen resolution helps deliver that experience. Even with that kind of screen resolution, iPhone 6s still got best quality display. There's no problem when you use it under the sunlight.

Speaker on the bottom side is a feast for the ear because it delivers detail sound compare to another smartphone. Battery is still the soft spot of this phone. With only 1750 mAh battery, you can use iPhone 6s up to 8 hours for normal usage. But for gaming usage, iPhone 6s can only lasts for about 4 hours.

IPhone 6s has 12MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera. That's higher than iPhone 6 8MP and 1.2MP camera. Even so, all photo modes are still the same. Photos are more detail because camera resolution is higher.

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Live photo mode is a new feature in iPhone 6s which will capture GIF-like image. But the most stand out feature of the camera is the ability to capture 4K video in 30 fps. So, we can assure you that iPhone 6s camera is the best in market in terms of mobile video recording. With great slow motion and timelapse capability and superior focus shifting you can only get from professional video camera.

Apple certainly doesn't sell its smartphone specifications because iPhone 6s hardware is still far below Android flagship smartphones. However, iPhone 6s is the best smartphone for real life usage to this day. Perfect dimension, established apps ecosystem, excellent gaming performance and superb camera quality. That's why Apple doesn't hesitate to put high price tag to iPhone 6s..

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