Gadget Review – 50+ Tips & Tricks for the LG G3!

50+ Tips & Tricks for the LG G3!

Hey guys what's going on? It's Phil here from
TechSmartt and today we're going to be looking at 50+ Tips & Tricks for the LG G3. So without
wasting anytime, lets go ahead and jump right into the video. Number 1, if you want to rearrange
your notification toggles, pull down your notification bar and swipe all the way to
the right. Click edit.

Once you're in here, you can move the toggles around as well as
enable/disable some of them. Next up you can set a different wall paper for each screen.
So just long press on the home scree, click on multi-photo and then you're given some
wallpapers. Then just select one  and hit apply. And now when you scroll through,
you see the
different wallpapers.

If we go back into  the wallpaper options, and click on gallery,
you can actually  set  one  wallpaper  to stretch across the entire screen..

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