Gadget Review – 5 Problems with BlackBerry

5 Problems with BlackBerry KEYOne...

The KeyOne has been out for a couple of days
now and it's recieved a bunch of attention not only from BlackBerry fans but also from
other smartphone enthusiasts now that it's running Android. The KeyOne is priced at $550 and while the
price is not too high, the phone might not be worth the price, because of it's major
cons and downsides which you need to take into considoration before buying this phone. The first major problem of the KeyOne is it's
chipset, when you realize you're getting a Snapdragon 625 and paying over $500 for the
phone it really makes you wonder if the perfomance to price ratio is even worth it. Lets take the OnePlus 3T into consideration,
the 3T costs $440, about $100 less and with that you get the Snapdragon 821, which is
much newer, better and faster, which brings us to the next issue.

Many people have been reporting app crashes,
slow app opening and unresponsivness, this could be an issue with the slow CPU but it's
also an issue with the incredibly un-optimized version of Android, in my opinion Blackberry
didn't do a damn thing to optimize this thing to run apps and the OS without issues which
is why users have been complaining, experiencing sudden app crashes and other glitches. Blackberry has done a terrible job on their
optimization. A few days back they tried to fix that by
pushing out another software update 10.3.3, This software update was supposed to fix all
the issues like app crashing and pretty much make the whole smartphone work and perform
much better, but interestingly enough it made things even worse. Users started experiencing even more app crashes
but along with that they also started to experience sudden increases in device temperatures, icons
were going missing from the menus, apps not opening and not being able to connect to wifi

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Blackberry has gotten themselves into an even
bigger mess than before. The phone also seems to be quite heavy for
it's size, coming in at about 180 grams, many people have reported the phone being really
chunky and weird to hold for longer periods of time as it was quite heavy and really awkward
to hold, apparently the materials used and the shape of it makes it really hard to hold
for extended periods of time, so that's another thing to take into consideration before you
pull the trigger and buy the device. If you're going to be buying this phone for
media consumption like watching movies and listening to music using the loud speaker
I recommend you to think again, the speaker is a stereo speaker, which is nice on paper
but apparently the quality of sound is terrible, not only it's really quiet but there's also
almost no bass at all which is quite dramatic and a big no no for people buying this phone
who plan on using the loud speaker a lot. Anyway guys that's about it for the video,
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