Gadget Review – 25 Reasons Why iPhone 7 Plus Is Better Than Galaxy S8+

25 Reasons Why iPhone 7 Plus Is Better Than Galaxy S8+

Whats up guys, David here and the iPhone
7 and the Galaxy S8 are both really great smartphones. They're two of the best smartphones in the
world right now and they each have their own unique set of advantages. So in this two part #phonebuffstyle video
series, were going to be looking at a bunch of reasons why each of these phones COULD
be considered better than the other. We're taking a look at the iPhone 7s advantages
in this video, and in the other video we're going to be doing the same thing to the Galaxy

So check out that link down below in the description
for that video. After watching both videos, vote for which
phone you think has the stronger reasons, but with that said, lets go ahead and get
right into it. Reason #1 Dual Cameras – On the iPhone 7 Plus
theres not one, but two cameras on the back. The first is your normal shooter which is
great, but honestly its not too different from the one on the Galaxy S8.

But its that second camera that makes the
iPhone 7 special. Because it has a telephoto lens that allows
for 2x optical zoom. Meaning you wont lose image quality when
you zoom in like you do with the digital zoom on the S8. And the dual cameras also allow for Portrait
mode, which automatically give your photos a nice little depth effect like on DSLRs.

2. Metal Back – I dont think this one requires
too much explaining, but the metal back on the iPhone is going to be a lot more resistant
to drops than the glass back on the S8.. And bonus, its nowhere near as much of
a fingerprint magnet. 3.

Repairability – Speaking of drops, no matter
the phone, if you drop it on its face, theres a good chance its not going to end well. So its worth noting that the cost of replacing
the screen on the iPhone is cheaper than the Galaxy, as the iPhone is much easier to repair. 4. Apple Stores – If you have an issue with your
iPhone, like a broken screen for example, you can just walk into one of the hundreds
of Apple stores around the world and get the issue resolved, usually on the same day.

Reason #5: Better Fingerprint Scanner – On
the S8+, the fingerprint scanner isnt the most comfortable to reach with it being really
high up on the back, and it also isnt the most accurate fingerprint scanner either. It requires multiple attempts much more often
than the iPhones scanner does, and when the phone is lying flat on a table, the fingerprint
scanner on the Galaxy is obviously inaccessible since it's on the back. 6. Dual Speakers – When most people think about
dual speakers on a phone, the first thought that comes to mind is theyre louder.

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And yeah, this definitely true in the case
of the iPhone. But theres more to it. The dual speakers on the iPhone support stereo
sound so the sound coming from YouTube videos and music will come from the appropriate speaker
making for a more immersive experience. And dont underestimate the value of having
that front facing speaker.

Audio is directional, so you can actually
hear sound much more clearly at lower volumes on iPhone, which is great when you dont
want to disturb the people around you. 7. 3D touch – Sure, Samsung kind of borrowed
this feature on the Galaxy S8, but the pressure sensitive area on the S8 is limited only to
the bottom center of the screen. On the iPhone 7, the entire display is pressure
sensitive, opening the door for all kinds of things like toggling through app shortcuts,
shooting a gun in a game instead of needing a separate trigger button, and easily moving
the cursor on the keyboard in any direction.

8. Taptic Engine – Most phones have some sort
of vibration motor, but the one on the iPhone 7 is different. It offers a whole new range of frequencies,
making things like clicking the solid state home button feel like it is actually clicking
in, which is way different from the vibrate-y feel on the S8s home button.. The taptic engine is also supported system
wide and open to developers, which allows for things like being able to feel a list
scroll – kind of like a padlock, and it can even distinguish between different actions
in games.

9. Better App Experience – Its no secret that
app developers prioritize for iOS, which results in not only a lot of apps and app updates
coming to iOS first, but apps seem to generally run better on the iPhone, especially when
youre talking about the less popular apps from smaller developers. Reason #10: More Accessories – The iPhone
has been using the same lightning port for 5 years, and the design has been roughly the
same for the last 3. Now, this could easily be looked at as a bad
thing, but one of the benefits to it is the larger amount of accessories already available
for the iPhone 7.

Add to that the fact that just like with apps,
many accessory manufacturers prioritize for the iPhone, and you have a much larger selection
of accessories to choose from. 11. System Updates – Since the iPhone receives
its OS updates directly from Apple, it gets them as soon as they are released. On the S8, first the update comes from Google,
then Samsung has to add their customizations to the new software, and then if you live
in the U.S.

It has to be approved by the carriers. Each additional step adds on to the delay,
so sometimes it can be half-a-year or longer before you finally get updated. 12. Longevity – Speaking of system updates, on
a Galaxy, theres a chance that after a couple of years you just wont receive updates

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Case in point – The Galaxy S3, released in
2012 stopped receiving system updates in 2015. The iPhone 5 on the other hand, also released
in 2012, only just recently stopped being supported in 2017. Thats almost 2 extra years of system updates. 13.

Resale Value – The longevity of the iPhone
probably plays a large role in the fact that generally speaking, the iPhone enjoys a higher
resale value. This means youll get more money back when
you trade in for a new phone, ultimately lowering the total cost of ownership. 14. Vibrate Switch – The physical vibrate switch
on the iPhone not only makes it easy to put your phone on and off silent, but it also
acts as a visual cue so you can tell if your phone is on vibrate or not with just a glance.

Reason #15: Google Apps – On the Galaxy S8,
you obviously cant get most of Apples apps like Siri, Clips, or iMessage. But on the iPhone, you can get the best apps
from Google like Assistant, Maps, and even Gboard. Which is the closest thing to having the best
of both worlds. Unless you care about Samsung apps.

16. Parental Controls – Better parental controls
with restrictions allow you to block content and actions through a password protected setting. Meaning you can make sure your kid isnt
visiting any websites they shouldnt be, and even have the option to prevent them from
erasing browser history so you can monitor their activity. Sorry kids.

17. Raise To Wake – While the Galaxy S8 has a
great Always on Display feature, it comes at the cost of a 1% per hour battery drain. With Raise to Wake, you can simply pick up
your iPhone to see the time and any notifications you may have and when youre done you can
set it down and the screen turns off automatically – no battery drain and essentially the same
info. 18.

Performance – When it comes to performance,
dont believe the spec sheet. The iPhone 7 beats the Galaxy S8 in the performance
metrics that matter, including how long it takes to open up applications and whether
or not those applications will be ready for you later on in the background. This not only saves you time and frustration
throughout the day, but it can also help your phone last you longer since phones tend to
slow down over time. 19.

App Suggestions – If you often use an app
at a specific time or location, the iPhone 7 will eventually start picking up on your
habit and itll start recommending that app automatically. So if you often play a game during your lunch
break at work, soon or later youll start seeing that game being suggested to you on
things like the lock screen and recents screen – which is pretty cool. Reason #20: iMessage – If a lot of your friends
or family member have iPhones, iMessage is going to be app that you care about. IMessage not only lets you send messages with
read and received indicators, but it also has things like expressive messages where
you can send a message with bubble effects, it lets you temporarily share your location
which is great for when you meet up with friends, you can play games with right within a chat
window, and in general, group messaging just seems to be more consistent.

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21. Complete OS Backup – If you get a new iPhone,
whether its a replacement or an upgrade, getting ALL of your things transfered over
is easy via iCloud or iTunes. And unlike the backup options on the S8, you
get all of your data, including individual app data and login information transferred
over. Whereas on the S8 youre limited to more
of the basics for backup, and the backup is nowhere near as consistent.

22. Continuity – If you own a Mac or an iPad,
the iPhone has the advantage of allowing you to move seamlessly between your devices. You can do things like opening notes from
your Mac on your iPhone or answering a phone call from your iPhone on your iPad – making
things really convenient. 23.

Spotlight Search – With a simple swipe down
from the home screen, you access spotlight search, that lets you search for anything,
whether its an app on your phone, an app on the app store that you want to download,
a location in maps, or even websites matching your search all in one place. 24. Tap To Top – With Tap to Top, you can automatically
scroll to the top of any screen by tapping on the status bar. This works system wide in any app, and its
great for when youre really far down an email thread or web page and you want to get
to the top quickly without having to swipe down a bunch of times.

And finally reason #25: Shake To Undo – Say
for example you're editing a word document and you accidentally delete some text. On the iPhone you can simply shake the phone,
and youll undo that deletion. If you change your mind, you can shake the
phone again to re-do. Its essentially control-z on a computer,
but on  your phone..

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