Gadget Review – 1 Week with the Galaxy Note 8 – ReviewThe Tech Chap

1 Week with the Galaxy Note 8 - ReviewThe Tech Chap

Samsung has a big challenge on its
hands – not only does it have to convince people but the new Galaxy Note 8 here is
actually safe to use considering last year's battery issues, but that it's
worth paying the eye-watering 869, or $920 price tag – which is around 90 more than the S8 Plus. There's also strong competition from the upcoming LG V30 and of course the new
iPhone. So I've been using the Note 8 as my main phone since it launched – and I have
to say I actually really, really like it I was initially put off by the idea of a
huge 6.3 Inch phone, but the Note 8 with it's stunning infinity edge screen and
83% screen-to-body ratio means it's actually about the same size as a
5.5 Inch iPhone 7 Plus r Sony Xperia XZ Premium. In terms of design, the Note 8 is
just basically a slightly bigger S8 Plus although we are only talking about a
0.1-Inch screen size difference The Note 8 is almost 200
grams though, that's 20 grams heavier and also 0.5Mm thicker than the s8 Plus.
They do feel subtly different in the hand as well, I'd say the S8 with its
more rounded corners is a little more comfortable but there's not much in it,
and the also both IP68 water-resistant and use Gorilla Glass 5.

But the first
time you see or pick up the Note 8, it's the display that is the highlight of
the phone. The 6.3 Inch Super AMOLED HDR screen looks stunning,  although the
resolution defaults to Full HD+ to save battery. I would say because of the
bigger screen it is worth pushing it to the full Quad HD+ resolution to get
the full 521 pixels per inch and make it look sharper. One question I am
getting asked a lot is what exactly is the difference between the galaxy S8 & S8 Plus – and the new Note 8.

Well, aside from the bigger screen the Note 8 has a
second camera giving you a 2x Optical Zoom. 6GB of RAM, that's up
from 4 on the S8 – and of course the staple of the Note series, you've got the
S-Pen Stylus. But it's not all good news the Galaxy Note 8 actually has a
smaller battery than the S8 Plus – we're talking about 3300mAH versus 3500mAH. And of course all the new features like the S-Pen, more RAM and
second camera are bound to have an impact on battery life.

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So it's a bit
disappointing that the Note 8 comes across as this sort of all-singing
all-dancing everything you need and want ultimate smartphone but it doesn't have
a bigger battery that will last you more than a full day or a day and a
half. Maybe Samsung are just being a bit cautious given last year's battery
fires on the Note 7, but a bigger battery would have been nice to see
especially since I found the S8 Plus lasts around 5% longer. At
least it does support wireless and fast charging though. Performance is top notch thanks
for the Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 chip, depending on where you live.

It'll run any App or game you throw at it from the Google Play Store flawlessly.
But since it is using the same processor used in the S8, don't expect the Note 8
to be any faster. Although the Note does have an extra 2GB of RAM which will
help with multitasking and using split-screen apps However, primarily the extra
RAM will be used for the more demanding dual camera processing. Now the camera on
the note 8 is definitely one of the most hyped features. You get the same 12
megapixel camera you get on the S8 plus, and a second 12 megapixel telephoto lens that
gives you 2x optical zoom.

Unlike other dual camera phones with
telephoto lenses like the iPhone 7 plus and OnePlus 5, both cameras come with
optical image stabilization (OIS) So even when zoomed in photos
and videos, particularly in 4K, are sharp and blur free. The cameras are definitely
one of the Notes standout features – not only is image quality very impressive
thanks to the wide F1.7 Aperture, superfast dual pixel autofocus and
excellent HDR but the new Live Focus and 2x zoom features are genuinely
useful. Live Focus which is basically Samsung's version of a portrait mode
isn't perfect since it doesn't appear to support HDR so you can get some blown
out areas in photos and sometimes the edge detection isn't quite right – but on
the whole it is one of the best portrait modes you can get on a phone and give
your photos a great looking bokeh effect I always thought portrait modes were a
little bit gimmicky but the note 8 has kind of changed my mind –
and actually I find myself using it all the time. The front-facing F1.7 Selfie
camera is really good too, although again since it's the same as the S8,
don't expect anything different here.

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I'd also turn off the beauty modes
which are on by default as it makes phptos look too soft in my opinion. Other than that,
pictures look great and the wide field of view means it's really good for
getting group selfies. So the dual camera is one of the Note 8's biggest selling points.
But of course it's the S Pen that the Note series is most famous for although
I have to be honest that while it does have some cool uses, like writing notes while the screen is off, taking Lasso screen-grabs and even
highlighting text to translate – I actually find myself very rarely using

The stylus is nice to and it even has a little clicker at the top… Which
doesn't do anything… As well as a new thinner tip and the same 4096 pressure
points as the one in Note 7. You can be very precise with it, but it's more of a
cool extra than a must-have feature in my opinion but you might really like the
idea of it – so it could be a good reason to buy it.

The Note 8 also supports the Gear VR. Headset and Samsung's DeX docking
station which actually works pretty well when I had to go with it at the Note 8
launch event So the big question should you buy The Galaxy Note 8… Well it's
tricky because on the one hand I think this is genuinely the best phone
that's launched this year so far – but it is very, very expensive. The dual camera
is definitely a reason to buy it and the S-Pen is a nice extra but that's about
it and if you're not bothered about either and you still want a big phone
with a big screen – the Galaxy S8 Plus is your best bet –
and you'll save nearly a hundred quid in the process.

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But then again if you want
the best of the best right now and the money isn't so much of an issue – then I
would highly recommend the Galaxy Note 8. So that's what I think, but what about you?
Is it too big? Is it too expensive? Are you going to rush out and get one as
soon as you can? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you very much for
watching guys – if you did enjoy the video click that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button 🙂
I will leave links in the description below if you fancy buying one of these
when it comes out. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time right here…

The Tech Chap :).

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