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Gadget Review – Game phones later the Razer Phone 2 and ROG Phone can be hard to evaluation accomplish you pronounce them based upon their gaming chops or as day-in, day-out smartphones?

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Our reviews agreed fall in the latter camp, and while that didnt operate out too with ease for the Razer Phone 2, which scored a respectable but not excellent 3.5 out of 5, Asus ROG Phone phone is just better.

For starters, it has more storage 128GB in the cheapest variant, which is double that of the Razer Phone 2s (and the iPhone XS series) starting capacity. It in addition to doesnt forgo the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of USB-C wired audio, and it features AMOLED display technology, not LCD.

That said, its specs across the board dont trounce the competition the screen refresh rate is 90Hz, as opposed to 120Hz upon the Razer Phone series, though the ROG Phone doesnt have wireless charging, and it doesnt even feature the latest report of Android.

What it does bring to the party, however, may be more important than any of those: killer gaming features. Touch-sensitive AirTriggers that charge as left and right gamepad buttons, on-screen hardware stats, in-game recording and streaming, recordable macros, an arsenal of accessories this phone is most very for the players. But what not quite the descend of us?

Price and availability
asus rog phone vs razer phone Available in the Norway
Priced from $899 (799, on AU$1,410)
No Australian freedom confirmed
The ROG Phone price is set at $899 (799, something like AU$1,410), which is $100 less than the Razer Phone 2 in the US, but just 20 less in the UK. This unconditionally makes it much more captivating to a British buyer than the Razer Phone 2. The ROG Phone is also nearby in the US in a 512GB variant, priced at $1,099 (860, AU$1,505).

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As for the liberty date, its already out in the US, Taiwan, and UK as soon as Australian availability as of yet, unconfirmed.

Key features
90Hz FHD+ AMOLED screen
Light-up logo on the back
Overclocked SD845 + 8GB RAM
The ROG Phone features a 6-inch FHD+ AMOLED display once HDR screen tech loaded up and a 90Hz refresh rate. Its design is termed futuristic upon Asus website and indeed, it looks considering a seething, illuminating Decepticon.

Sadly, however, despite our best efforts at shouting ROG Phone, TRANSFORM at the handset it did nothing.

This liberal look begins like the light-up ROG logo upon the phones rear, extends across to the patterning etched below the glass, and continues right through to its off-center, asymmetrical hexagonal fingerprint scanner and camera surround.

Youd think these would make no desirability from an ergonomic reduction of view, but strangely sufficient they fake and similar to the further other of looking nice of in the same way as they belong in a spaceship, albeit an action-movie spaceship rather than a real one.

The asus rog phone vs razer phone black, heavily bevelled metal frame is unassailable and cool to the touch, while the front-firing stereo speaker grilles are dayglow orange in stark contrast. The buttons are upon the right edge a capability button and a volume rocker while the left edge houses one of the two USB-C ports, underneath a definitely awkward rubber stopper. upon the bottom edge are the primary USB-C harbor and a headphone jack audiophiles rejoice.

Theres great quantity of facility under the hood, taking into consideration the similar Snapdragon 845 that youll find in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 3 XL; in the ROG Phone, though, just as in the Razer Phone 2, its paired later than 8GB RAM for even more oomph. The 128GB storage is plus respectable, despite there being no expandable storage option, and if that isnt plenty a 512GB tab is approachable in the US and some supplementary markets.

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asus rog phone vs razer phone The healthy 4,000mAh of battery keeping the ROG Phone going matches that in the Mate 20 and Huawei P20 Pro, falling just behind the current battery king, Huaweis Mate 20 gain like its 4,200mAh of power.

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